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Without any doubt, hair transplantation is the best solution for people who want to get rid of the effects of hair loss. The efficient results of hair transplantation and the demands of people for this procedure have led to the continuous development of hair transplantation methods and these methods have been perfected over time.

When someone who has lost his/her hair wants to have hair transplantation, he/she first starts collecting information about it. The source of information is usually different websites and other people around him/her. This situation can cause people who will have hair transplantation to learn the misconceptions and believe them. These misconceptions may discourage people from hair transplantation.

In the rest of the article, you will find the most common misconceptions and the details about them.


1. Hair Transplantation Is Not Permanent

FALSE: The first misconception regarding hair transplantation is that this treatment will not provide a permanent solution. If you have hair transplantation, even if your hair grows out, it will shed after a while and the expense and inconvenience endured will go for nothing. This is completely wrong information.

TRUE: The truth about this misconception is not as expressed here. FUE, which is the most commonly used method in hair transplantation, is the process of transplanting the grafts from the donor area to the area without hair. During this process, the important thing is the transfer of hair follicles. After this step, a significant part of the hair sheds, which is called as shock shedding. This is a normal process and there is no harm to the transplanted hair follicles. After a while, new hair from the hair follicles starts to grow stronger. This new hair is completely permanent. So the expression that hair transplantation is not permanent is only an urban legend.


2. You Can Have Hair Transplantation by Taking Someone’s Hair

FALSE: There is a thought that hair transplantation will be done by taking someone else’s hair. At the same time, hair from a different person is immediately transferred to the other person and hair transplantation is carried out in this way. Is that the truth? Of course no!

TRUE: Hair is an important part of the body and is compatible with the scalp. Although not seen like any other body, every hair is only compatible with its own body. In a clearer expression, the body does not accept hair from a different person. Therefore, it is not even possible for people to have transplantation with any hair other from their own hair.

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3. Age Matters in Hair Transplantation

FALSE: One of the major misconceptions is that hair transplantation will be done only for young people. Here, it is emphasized that hair transplantation cannot be done for people who are older than a particular age. This information is wrong just as the others above!

TRUE: Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be done for people at any age. The only condition for this process is not the age, but the general health status of the person. Anyone who does not have a blood coagulation disorders or chronic illnesses and has been approved by the doctor can be transplanted. In some cases, the doctors may suggest waiting for a period of time before hair transplantation. The reason for this is that baldness is waited to reach the highest level. Thus, to what extent the hair transplantation will be done is decided more clearly and accurately.



4. Hair Transplantation Only Applicable to Men

FALSE: Hair transplantation is claimed to be a treatment applied to men. According to this claim, it is not possible for women to have hair transplantation and it is mentioned that women who have lost their hair should benefit from different methods.

TRUE: Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and can be done to any healthy individual. There is no gender discrimination here. Less hair loss of women keeps women’s needs for hair transplantation at a lower level. Therefore, hair transplantation is perceived as a procedure applied only to men. Approximately 15% of the world’s hair transplantation is applied to women. As can be understood from this statistical data, hair transplantation can be done for any healthy women.

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5. You Get Your Hair Immediately After Hair Transplantation

FALSE: People who lose their hair want to get it back as soon as possible. The promise that “As soon as the hair transplantation is done, you will get your hair.” is a lie that is put forward by those who abuse this request.

TRUE: Although hair transplantation ends in a single session, it is a treatment method that has a certain process. For this procedure, grafts are first taken from the donor area and transplanted in one or more sessions. In the following process, the hair follicles are expected to retain and become accustomed to their new places. In order to optimize the results of hair transplantation, an average of 9-12 months is needed. Therefore, it is not true that you will get your hair immediately after hair transplantation and you will get rid of baldness.


6. The Expert Team and Clinic Aren’t Important in Hair Transplantation

FALSE: Another misconception is that hair transplantation is successful everywhere in similar proportions. In other words, it is emphasized that the clinic to be selected for the procedure and the surgeon performing the procedure has no importance. But these statements are not true.

TRUE: It should never be forgotten that hair transplantation is a surgery. The importance of doctors and hospitals in hair transplantation is very high just as in other surgical operations. The best doctor and clinic should be preferred for successful hair transplantation as much as possible. Otherwise, it should be known that the success rate in hair transplantation will decrease. In addition, various complications and side effects are possible when hair transplantation is performed in a sloppy clinic. Click here to see the successful hair transplantation operations performed by our specialist doctors in the name of Cosmeticium clinic who minimize these risks.

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7. Transplanted Hair Won’t Look Natural

FALSE: There is a misconception that the transplanted hair will not look natural. And also can be noticed very easily from the outside. There is a false perception that people cannot get their natural appearance and that they will have an image they do not want.

TRUE: The hair required for hair transplantation is taken from the nape. The person’s own hair is taken and transferred to the area without hair. It should be noted that a 1-year process is not required to see the results of this procedure. Hair transplanted in the early stages may grow weak and will look different from other hair. But over time, this situation will improve and the hair transplanted will look natural and cannot be noticed from the outside. Doctors who perform hair transplantation will take the necessary care to make your hair look natural. In addition, the overall style of the hair is also taken into account, thus ensuring the highest level of naturalness. But this exactly takes some time to show itself. It is also very important that the hairs are transplanted at the right angle. It is also very significant to choose the best doctor and clinic as denoted in the previous article.

These are the general misconceptions about hair transplantation that come to the fore. Do not make any decision about hair transplantation without learning the correct information.

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