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Nose aesthetics is one of the most preferred operations among women. Because our nose significantly changes the look of our face. Our nose is one of our most important organs to make our face look beautiful and impressive. Even the slightest change in our nose will lead to very important differences. Women take this opportunity to look beautiful and prefer rhinoplasty surgery. Recently, men have also been interested in nose aesthetic surgery. The number of men with curvature or deformity in their nose and who prefer rhinoplasty surgery to correct it is increasing day by day.

Why do men get a nose job? What are the main reasons for men to have this surgery?


Why Do Men Have Nose Aesthetics?

For men, nose aesthetics does not seem to be a widely used procedure. However, this situation is changing rapidly. More and more men are applying for rhinoplasty surgery every day. The number of men who want to have a more masculine looking and proportionate nose is increasing day by day. The main reasons for rhinoplasty surgery with aesthetic concerns are:


1. Masculine Nose Lines

There are some differences between male and female nose aesthetics. The main difference is the ratio of the angle between the nose and the mouth. Women want their nose to be much above their mouths and they prefer a more snub one. For men, it’s just the opposite. The opening distance between the nose and the mouth does not create the desired image. A masculine nose is mostly determined by the fact that it is not much snub from the mouth. A masculine nose should not be snub. Men with a snub nose may have more masculine nasal lines after rhinoplasty surgery.


2. The Nose Being Too Big For The Face

Another problem that bothers men is that their noses are too big for their faces. Although not very disturbing, for some men, the big nose is a serious problem. Men in this situation may want a nose that looks smaller and more proportionate to their faces. Because it is a fact also for them that the nose determines our face’s shape. Our nose should be proportionate as the most important part of our face and should not be excessively big. This is a serious problem for both men and women.

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3. Low Nose Tip

Problems with the tip of the nose disturb both women and men. Men are also uncomfortable with a very low-end nose structure. But, unlike women, they don’t want their noses to be too snub. Therefore, rhinoplasty treatments of men should be performed by specialist physicians. During surgery, the tip of the nose should be shaped neither too low nor too snub. Although men are increasingly resorting to rhinoplasty surgery, they fear that the operation will create such situations. Therefore, the tip of the nose is a matter of delicacy. Physician and clinical preference are important. Experienced and specialist doctors play a very important role in the positive outcome of nasal aesthetic surgery.



4. Shaping The Back Of The Nasal Ridge

Both men and women want to make changes in the nasal ridge. But their requests on this are very different from each other. The ridge of our nose is one of the most important parts of our face. It plays a major role in defining the contours of our face. Women want a slightly hollow and archless nasal ridge, but for men, this is not desirable. One point that should be considered during men’s nose surgery is that a very hollow nose arch should be avoided. A masculine look and a hollow nose ridge are incompatible. Men want a nose as flat as possible, not too hollow and even slightly arched. Because this look is suitable for a more masculine nose type. For masculine facial lines, a nose that is not hollow and not too snub is necessary.  


5. Regional Corrections in Nose Surgery

When women decide to have a nose job, they generally want their entire noses to be reconstructed. But men are different in this regard and only want some parts of their noses to be corrected. This may cause them to be more rigorous. Because they are meticulous about not ending up with a feminine look after a slight correction. Therefore, male nasal aesthetics should be performed by fully experienced and professional doctors.

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6. Outer Appearance and Male Psychology

Nowadays, appearance has become more important for almost every profession. In addition, some practices such as continuous selfie-taking on social media make people pay more attention to their facial lines. Men want to resort to nose aesthetics in order to look and feel better in both social media and social environments.

The demands of men on nose aesthetics have increased in recent years. Because, like women, they want to benefit from the developments in plastic surgery. In addition, a self-confident man can feel more successful both at work, in his relationships with women and in other social settings. Therefore, physical and aesthetic problems have gained importance also for men. Our face is one of the most important body parts for our aesthetic look and the impression we have on people.


7. Health and Aesthetic Concerns

Research shows that the problem of nose curvature is valid for 70% of men who resort to plastic surgery. As we have noted, this is important in many points, from breathing to comfortable sleeping. But not all men with this condition prefer aesthetic surgery. Considering whether such a health problem or aesthetic concerns are more important, what matters more seem to be aesthetic problems. The most important reasons that lead men to have nose aesthetics are their aesthetic concerns.



No matter how important the nasal breathing problems are, it can be said that they resort to nasal surgery, that is, rhinoplasty, because they want to have more masculine and remarkable, sharp facial lines. Men feel much better if they have such a face, both in the photographs and elsewhere. As a result, men give importance to aesthetic look just as much as women do. In particular, having a masculine body and facial lines is one of the most important requirements for men.

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