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Deformities in the breasts, asymmetry, and the excessively big or extremely small breasts are one of the main problems of women. Feeling more comfortable in the clothes they wear, having more feminine and shaped breasts are desirable features for women. There are many women who want to change their breasts sometime for health and sometimes for aesthetic reasons. If the patient is treated unconsciously after the operation, the healing process is negatively affected.

In this article, we have compiled the most effective tips for you that will contribute to your healing process after mammaplasty.


Mammaplasty Surgeries

Some women are uncomfortable with small breasts. For this purpose, they can have breast augmentation by implant method. And some are uncomfortable with the big breasts. Although big breasts are an important aesthetic problem, they also cause serious problems such as back pain. For this reason, breasts can be reduced by liposuction method. In addition, operations such as mastopexy or breast lifting may be preferred. You can also have some surgical operations to make your breasts look upright and shaped.


For a Successful Breast Operation

The reasons that reduce the risks and increase the success of the operation are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to choose a healthcare centre that is certified and provides necessary hygienic and surgical conditions.
  • Doctors performing your surgery should be experts and experienced.
  • There are medicines that you should not take before undergoing the operation. Consult your doctor.
  • Similarly, if you are a smoker, you should stop smoking some time before the operation.

If you want your operation to be successful and you want to be satisfied with the results, you should pay attention to these first. In addition, there are many points you need to pay attention to both before and after the operation. For this reason, you must be in perfect communication with your doctor.

Such measures have a positive effect on the subsequent outcome too. So, what are the measures that can help you recover quickly after breast surgery?

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Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery Process

1. Trying To Return To Your Normal Life

Long-term hospitalization does not contribute to your recovery unless it is very necessary. After breast surgery operations, necessary precautions should be taken to protect the chest area from injury and trauma. But you also need to return to everyday life quickly. It is best to start light exercises at the time your doctor recommends. This will accelerate your blood circulation. Rapid blood circulation is essential during recovery. Although you need to avoid jeopardizing moves and exercises, it is best to keep moving, both for general health and for quick recovery of surgical scars.


2. Ice Treatment

One of the most effective treatment methods of recent times is ice treatment. All kinds of sores, bruises and sprains in your body can heal in a short time with ice treatment. More precisely, periodically compressing your body with ice at regular intervals not only reduces pain but also speeds up the healing time of wounds. Therefore, without neglect, you can also regularly treat your breasts with ice. You may feel that swelling and pain relieve more quickly after surgery. If you do not neglect this issue you can recover much faster.


3. Listen to Your Body Carefully

Listening to our body is one of the issues that we are missing most in modern life. We can neglect this in the stress of everyday life. But listening to our body, especially after surgery, allows us to recover more quickly. What is good to do, to eat or not to eat? We need to listen to our bodies in such matters. So, you can immediately start with the movements that will not force you too much. You can start exercising as soon as possible to get rid of patient psychology and relax. Of course, you should consider your doctor’s warnings about not forcing your breasts too much. It is best for you to exercise by taking care of these issues and to repeat the moves that comfort you. You must avoid the movements that force you.

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4. Do Not Neglect Your Prescription

You should take the recommended creams and pills in a timely manner for the healing of postoperative wounds and pain. Don’t be neglectful about this. Do exactly what your doctor prescribed. Do not forget to dress the wound with cream or take any of your medicines. Painkillers are not just for the relief of your pain. They also allow the wounds to heal quickly. In the same way, antibiotics given to you are also necessary for quick healing of the wounds. Be attentive to any issues and recommendations you need to take care of. Use your medicines and creams regularly and carefully.



5. Use Sports Bra After Surgery

Your doctor will advise you on the underwear you need to use to accelerate the recovery of your breasts after surgery. Wearing them is very important for the healing of your breasts. Underwear, which is called sports bras and keeps the breasts in a stable position, is the most suitable type after surgery. Using these bras for at least a month will help your breasts recover faster. Your breasts should not move too much to take the desired shape and to heal. For this, it is best to use sports bras. Wear cotton and high-quality sports bras as much as possible and make sure to use them continuously.


6. Stay Away From Hot Water For The First Week

Cold or warm water will help you after surgery. It doesn’t need to be as cold as ice. For the healing of wounds and prevention of swelling, prefer cold or warm water, especially in the first week after surgery. Cold water contributes to the healing of wounds and swelling. It is important to be careful about where you will come into contact with water, except for the shower, and avoid hot water. Also, not being in very hot environments can accelerate your healing process.


7. Don’t Lift Heavy

One of the most neglected issues of women is heavy lifting. Never carry large items that need to be removed during household chores after breast surgery. This is very risky, especially in the first weeks. After this surgery, there may be scars and sutures on your body that have not yet healed. These scars become more permanent when there is heavy lifting, may open and bleed, and infection may occur. On the other hand, the muscles in your arms and breasts can be damaged by heavy lifting. These may negatively affect the success of the surgery and prevent your breasts from recovering immediately.

The 7 items mentioned above will accelerate your healing process. If you pay attention to these, you can recover very quickly after surgery.

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