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Eyebrows which are among the important areas in the human face may fall out over time or their density may decrease due to a different problem. Eyebrow transplantation can be regarded as one of the most logical solutions to eliminate such problems. Eyebrow transplantation, which has been highly preferred by both men and women recently, gives people the opportunity to have the eyebrows they want. Therefore, it can be said that the interest in eyebrow transplantation is increasing day by day. So, what are the main advantages of eyebrow transplantation? Let’s look for the answer to this question together.


1. Eyebrows in Desired Thickness

One of the most important advantages of eyebrow transplantation is that it enables you to have the desired thickness of eyebrow. Thanks to the process, you will have the eyebrow as you dream. Expectations in terms of both thickness and shape are met effectively.


2. Natural Look

Although eyebrow transplantation is an aesthetic procedure, the results are extremely natural. Yes, it is exactly hard to notice an operation which is carried out by a specialist surgeon. It can be said that the result is not different from natural eyebrows in general.


3. Hiding Unwanted Traces

There may be different scars in the eyebrow area due to trauma or other reasons. They have an extremely negative effect on the general appearance of the face. One of the frequently asked questions in eyebrow transplantation is whether it can hide the scars or not. With a successful operation, the scars and burn marks can be covered. In this way, the negativities in your facial appearance will disappear directly.

eyebrow transplantation


4. Permanent Result

Many people look for various temporary solutions to shape their eyebrows and they have to apply them constantly. However, the result that you get thanks to eyebrow transplantation is not temporary but permanent. Therefore, you do not need to go into extra effort to shape your eyebrows again. This saves you both time and money.


5. Improved Facial Expression

Facial expressions are of great importance in communication and interactions between people. At this point, eyebrows have the most significant role. With this operation, you can improve your facial expression and thus increase the level of communication.


6. Self-Confidence

People are aware of their overall appearance and their self-confidence levels are affected accordingly. If a person thinks and believes he/she has a good appearance, his/her self-esteem will directly increase. With eyebrow transplantation, your facial appearance will be exactly as you want. You will believe in yourself more and increase your self-confidence.


Eyebrow Transplantation in Turkey

Above are the main advantages of eyebrow transplantation. Considering these, it can be said that those who are not pleased with their eyebrows and those having different problems in their eyebrows should benefit from this procedure. At this point, people look for the best centers to have it. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the eyebrow transplantation and other cosmetic procedures.

Stages of Eyebrow Transplant

 As Cosmeticium, eyebrow transplantation in our clinic is carried out by highly expert surgeons and healthcare teams. The success rate of this procedure is extremely high. Therefore, a large number of people prefer Turkey and our clinic for eyebrow transplantation every year.

Costs of this procedure in Turkey are also extremely affordable.

  • While an average operation in the UK costs around €3,000,
  • The same procedure in Turkey costs only around €1,000.

Moreover, these amounts in Turkey include services such as accommodation and transfers. So, it can be said that the figures in Turkey are much more affordable.

When the above-mentioned issues are taken into account, Turkey can be said to be the most logical choice for eyebrow transplantation. You can also search Turkey and our clinic as an option for your transplantation.

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