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The beard begins to grow with adolescence and this process is completed until adulthood. Beards grow in all men who are not totally beardless. However, it is difficult to say that they are not the same in density, smoothness and other features. Some of them have a smooth and dense beard while others have sparse one. People suffering from such a problem prefer beard transplantation because they are not completely satisfied with their beard. Especially in recent years, beard has become an important fashion trend. This is one of the main reasons why beard transplantation is so popular. Growing beard has become quite trendy thanks to which celebrities. Who are they? Has this trend increased the demand for beard transplantation?


When Did Growing Beard Become a Trend?

The preferred male profile in the past was mostly those with a beard shave and a clean face. However, the recent beard fashion has greatly changed this preference. The fact that even Hollywood stars appear in front of the media with beards has made the beard fashion to spread rapidly. After this stage, men with smooth beard has gained a serious charisma and taken this area under their influence.

Properly cut and light stubble beard is one of the most preferred models. However, some men have grown their beards in different ways. In short, beard is one of the most important elements of men today. The beard trend, which started recently, is increasing more and more every day.

When we look back in the past, the beards of some celebrities who have made important historical works are also in the foreground. Major names like Che Guevara, David Beckham and Abraham Lincoln are remembered for beards or facial accessories.


Beard Transplantation Request

The fact that beard has become a very important element has led people who do not have a smooth beard to prefer beard transplantation. Beard transplantation is in the form of transferring the grafts taken to the beardless area. Thanks to this procedure, men can have not only dense but also smooth beard. Therefore, there is no obstacle for them to grow a beard that they long for.

People’s having different demands and expectations has resulted in the growing demand for beard transplantation. The most important reason for this demand is that this process is a permanent solution. And the fact that the beard now symbolizes the strength of men can be regarded as another significant reason here.


How is Beard Transplantation Carried Out?

Beard transplantation can be expressed as the transfer of grafts taken from the donor area to the beardless area. For this procedure, the nape or lateral areas of the scalp are generally preferred in the donor area. Local anesthesia is applied to the relevant areas before the transplantation. Thus, the slightest pain of the patient is prevented. Depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, beard transplantation takes an average of 2-4 hours.

Beard Transplant Process

The success rate in beard transplantation is more than 90%. In other words, at least 90 of every 100 beards transplanted grow without any problems. For the success of this procedure, patients should pay attention to some issues before and after the sowing. For example; avoiding alcohol and cigarettes as much as possible is extremely important for the success of the procedure.

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Beard transplantation is one of the most important trends of recent times. The demand in this area can be said to be increasing day by day. However, beard transplantation can only be performed by surgeons who are experts in this field. Choosing a surgeon who is not an expert in the field may cause different health problems with failure. Therefore, a specialist surgeon and a qualified clinic should be preferred for hair or beard transplantation. Only in this way, the expectations can be met to a great extent.

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