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Hair transplant is a popular field that is continuously improved since its first days. When new methods are considered, it can be said that development and improvement work is considerably successful. Being a different kind of FUE technique that is performed commonly in today’s world, sapphire FUE is one of the newly developed methods.

What is sapphire FUE hair transplant? We gathered all information regarding the differences, advantages, risks, side effects compared to the traditional FUE method and all other details for you.


An Overview to FUE Hair Transplant Method

FUE has been developed in order to overcome disadvantages and deficiencies of the old methods. In this technique:

  • Grafts are picked one by one and kept into a special solution.
  • In the meantime, special channels are opened on bald area.
  • Lastly, picked grafts are placed into these channels with special angles and so, natural look is ensured.

In FUE technique, no significant scar occurs on the donor area where grafts are picked or on the area where transplantation is done. Moreover, recovery period is short and success rate is very high.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method


What Is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant? 

Having high success rate and meeting expectations substantially, FUE technique has still been available for further developments. Accordingly, FUE technique has been improved more and a new method has been developed known as sapphire FUE.

It won’t be a mistake to say that sapphire hair transplantation is fundamentally the same with traditional FUE technique. The most important difference here is about the equipment used during channeling.

In traditional method, channeling is done via stainless steel blades whereas in sapphire FUE technique, as the name suggests, sapphire blades are used. Known with its smooth and durable structure, sapphire enables surgeons to create channels as they require. This way, success rate of the procedure also increases accordingly.

Channeling in hair transplantation is one of the most important stages of the procedure. Size of these channels must be exactly suitable with grafts. Smaller or larger channels may affect the final result of this procedure. Additionally, channels have to be created with suitable angles. Sapphire blades exhibit their difference right at this point. They provide much better results compared to traditional stainless steel blades. This way, success rate also increases.

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Advantages of Sapphire FUE Method

Sapphire blades in FUE method were firstly used in 2016. These blades provided very important advantages in hair transplant. Some of them are as below:

Benefits of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Gripping Hair Follicles Well

Channels created by using sapphire blades are in suitable sizes and have suitable depth for grafts. So, grafts perfectly fit into these channels. This situation eliminates the risk of grafts to change their angles or to move inside those channels after transplantation. All these are important for hair transplantation to be completed as planned.

Low Risk of Complication

Although complication risk is very low in traditional FUE technique, it is even lower in sapphire FUE technique. Steel blades used in traditional methods can be blunt in time and efficiency may be accordingly lower. Even, this situation can cause unwanted tissue damage. For sapphire blades, on the other hand, such risk is not possible. These blades preserve their initial sharpness and structure for a long time. This way, tissue damage risk is also prevented and accordingly, risks of infection and other complications are also minimized.

High Density

Density in hair transplant is directly related with the amount of channels that can be opened. Sharp and smooth structure of sapphire blade enables those channels to be opened as required. Channels are not excessively large. This way, compared to traditional FUE technique, much more channels can be opened with sapphire FUE. More channels mean more density.

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Metal Sensitivity

Although it is seen rarely, some people may have allergy against steel, nickel or other similar metals. With sapphire blades, such allergy risks are completely eliminated and hair transplant is completed without any problem.

Natural Results

It is a known fact that traditional FUE technique provides natural results. With sapphire blades, obtained natural look is even improved. It is very easy to open channels in desired sizes and angles. Surgeons ensure that the final look after hair transplant operation is more natural by using these blades.


Sapphire FUE at Cosmeticium

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