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In case of permanent loss of teeth due to various reasons, this problem can be solved with different treatments. However, it is known that the most effective one of these treatments is undoubtedly dental implants. Dental implants are treatments that provide permanent solutions and function like natural teeth. After this treatment, teeth are used without any problem. The treatment is long-lasting. Despite the mentioned advantages, it is a fact that dental implant treatment is extremely expensive in some countries. In countries such as UK, each dental implant costs around £2000 – £2500. Therefore, affordable dental implant locations are searched by patients and the treatment is received in a cost-effective way.

The idea of having dental treatment in a different country may seem difficult at first. However, low costs and high service quality will be more than enough to change your mind. In the remaining part of our article, we will talk about places in the world where you can get this service with high quality and for affordable cost.

For those who are looking for affordable dental implant locations, we have listed the most successful and most affordable countries for you.


7. Hungary

Affordable Dental Implants Locations: Hungary

Hungary is one of the best-known locations for dental treatment. There are many dental clinics in Budapest which is the capital of the country. Service quality of most of them is extremely high. You can have your dental treatment done here for affordable price and after the treatment, you can see the beauties of the country closely. Natural beauties, cultural differences and historical structures can make you live a unique experience.

The amount you have to pay for a single dental implant in Hungary is around €950. It can be said that this figure is almost half of the cost in developed countries. Despite this, continue reading our article to learn about the countries that are better in terms of price/performance.


6. Poland

Flag Poland

Poland, which is located in the north of Europe, is another country where you can find affordable dental implant locations. The fact that it is in Europe and provides convenience in transportation is one of the most important reasons for this place to come to the fore. This situation causes many patients, especially from Europe, to come here for dental treatment.

Clinics which are located in Krakow are very successful in meeting expectations with affordable prices. A team of highly trained surgeons and healthcare professionals successfully administer your treatment. The cost of each dental implant in Poland starts from around €650. Depending on clinic preference, this price may increase.


5. Thailand

Affordable Dental Implants Locations: Thailand

When Thailand is said, almost everyone thinks of an authentic holiday. However, Thailand gives you important opportunities not only for holidays but also for dental treatments. You can have your dental treatment done in this country which is located in Southeast Asia.

There are many dental clinics in Bangkok. Successful and experienced surgeons will successfully perform your dental implant treatment. In Thailand, the country that offers you different alternatives for affordable dental implant places, cost of each dental implant starts from €700 on average.


4. Mexico

Affordable Dental Implants Locations: Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that Americans consistently prefer for dental implants. This country, which was discovered by Americans long ago, has recently started to be preferred by Europeans as well. However, it should not be forgotten that Mexico is a far point to go from Europe. It would be more accurate to plan this treatment together with a long vacation. Cost of each dental implant in Mexico starts from €750 on average.


3. Croatia


Croatia, the country that is known for sparkling beaches of the Adriatic Sea, offers an excellent vacation option as well as cost-effective solutions for dental implants. Clinics in the city of Split are known for successful dental implant treatments. The fact that this city is extremely easy to reach has made this city one step ahead in terms of treatment.

Cost to be paid for a single dental implant in Croatia is around €900. Moreover, complex implant treatments such as all on 4 and all on 6 are successfully applied in the country.


2. Czechia

Czechia Flag

Czechia is another important option among affordable dental implant locations. Clinics in the city of Prague offer both affordable costs and fantastic standards of care. Czechia, where luxury clinics are located, will generally meet your expectations. Cost to be paid for a single dental implant in Czechia is around €575 level.


1. Turkey

Turkey Flag

The first country that comes to mind when dental implants are said is undoubtedly Turkey. It is not surprising that Turkey is in the first place, due to its recent development and investments in this field. Tens of thousands of patients come to Turkey every year for reasons such as ease of transportation, low costs and high service quality. A significant number of these patients come to Turkey for dental implant treatment. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Turkey is the most preferred one among affordable dental implant locations.

The amount you have to pay for a single dental implant in Turkey is around €500. Moreover, unlike many countries, this price includes a treatment package in Turkey. COSMETICIUM clinic offers hotel accommodation and all VIP transfers for FREE for patients who will have a procedure on a certain number of implants. In addition, dental treatments such as all on 4 implants, which are more complex, are successfully applied in the clinics here. Successful dental surgeons and Cosmeticium clinic which has highly qualified medical competence will meet your expectations. Check out this page for details of dental implant treatment in Turkey.



Affordable dental implant locations are generally like this. Even if you are not keen on the idea of going to a foreign country, we recommend that you consider and evaluate this option. For example, you can reach Turkey by plane directly, get your treatment at low cost and have a wonderful vacation right after. Thus, you save money and give yourself a special vacation.


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