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Just as there are many positive aspects to being famous, there are also some negative aspects. Noticing and interpreting even the smallest change you make in your hairstyle can be considered one of these negatives. Antonio Conte is one of those who have been subjected to such comments. The famous coach came to the agenda for a while with the claim that he had a hair transplant and many comments were made about his hair.

If you are curious about Antonio Conte’s hair transplantation adventure, what kind of method is used in this process and more, all the details are here.

Who is Antonio Conte?

Conte was born on 31 July 1969 in Lecce, Italy. He was interested in football as a child and managed to become one of the most important footballers in Italy. He played for Juventus for many years and achieved great success here. With these achievements, he has turned into a world-famous footballer.

After ending his football career, he started to work as a coach. As with football player, his coaching career is full of successes. He is now known to be the manager of Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

When it comes to conte, football comes to mind first. However, the famous name has come up not only with football, but also with hair transplantation. Whether he underwent such a process or not was among the popular topics that were talked about a lot for a while.


Antonio Conte Pre Hair Transplant

Hair transplant statistics say that about 35% of people have hair transplantation because of their careers. Antonio Conte may have been under pressure because of the hair loss he suffered at the beginning of his career.

The change in Conte’s hair, which has always been in the spotlight and attracted attention since the early stages of his career, is quite clear. It is not known exactly whether the cause of this change is hair transplantation or drugs such as minoxidil and finasteride. However, it can be clearly understood that he is undergoing treatment for his hair.

1988 Year

Looking at this photograph from his time playing for Lecce in 1988, it is seen that his hair is strong and thick. The relevant photo shows that there is no situation that requires hair transplantation. However, after a short time, the situation will change significantly.

Antonio Conte Hair in 1988


1993 – 1994 Years

Only 5 years later, the negative trend in her hair was noticeable even from the outside. He may have chosen to shave his hair in this process to hide the baldness in his hair.

Male pattern baldness affects almost 80% of men but usually begins to take effect in their 30s. Despite this, the famous footballer, who was 26 years old in 1994, began to show signs of male pattern baldness at an early age.

According to the Norwood scale, which is used to measure hair loss, the famous football player is at the 5th or 6th level. This indicates that he is an excellent candidate for hair transplantation. The fact that he experienced this level of hair loss at a young age was considered unfortunate for Conte. Still it was possible to treat it with ways to stop premature baldness and with various methods.

Antonio Conte Hair in 1993


1996 – 1997 Years

Looking at her hair during this period, it is clear that there is no trace of hair loss. This situation may be related to hair transplantation or may be caused by cleverly used hair styling methods. You may have hidden your sparse hair by choosing hairstyles such as Regulation Cut, Caesar, Cut Brushed Back Hair and Fade, Undercut.

Antonio Conte Hair in 1996



Did Antonio Conte Really Have Hair Transplants?

It is estimated that Conte, who retired from football to coach, had at least two hair transplants. One of these took place in 2000. At the European Championships held in 2000, it is claimed that behind the lush hair of the famous footballer, there was a hair transplant.

In hair transplantation, it is done to pull forward the front line of the hair. It is stated that the FUE technique is used in these processes and the plantations made by this method are resistant to spills. Conte’s change compared to the years after hair transplantation in 2000 is as follows:

2007 Year

He retired from football and started working as a manager with Arezzo. It was thought that the famous name, which attracted attention with his shaved head, could have two different reasons for choosing such a short hairstyle.

The first of these was to hide the spills, while the other was hair transplantation. A closer look at the photo will show that there are some signs of hair transplantation. Although there are no obvious scars in the FUE technique, these scars can be noticed in the first periods after the operation.

Antonio Conte Hair in 2007

2012 Year

During this period, she attracts attention with her bushy hair. Especially when compared to 1994, when the hair loss is pronounced, it is noticed that the hair is significantly thicker. Experts speculate that a hair transplant performed in 2012 may be behind this change.

2016 Year

The Italian coach, who took charge of Premier League club Chelsea during this period, does not appear to have any symptoms of hair loss. For a 47-year-old man, the situation in question is quite surprising. Therefore, this situation supports the claims that he has undergone hair transplantation in the past.

Antonio Conte Hair in 2016


2021 -2022 Years

The hair of the famous coach looks lush, healthy and dense. Conte, who allegedly had three hair transplants and is satisfied with their results, is very happy with his bushy hair despite his advanced age. You can review the Instagram images that Conte shared on his official account to see his hair more closely during this period.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Antonio Conte (@antonioconte)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Antonio Conte (@antonioconte)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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Antonio Conte Hair Transplation Before After

In the past, baldness due to hair loss was directly noticed. Conte would try different hairstyles to hide this situation. However, with the hair transplantation, the hair has gained a much healthier and lusher appearance. You can also examine this magnificent change through the photo below.

Antonio Conte Hair Transplation Before After



Why Did Antoni Conte’s Hair Fall Out?

The hair loss that Conte experienced may have different causes. Here are the reasons that stand out at this point:

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is the retraction of the hairline and the combination of openings that begin in the temples and openings in the crown area. So much so that it can cause the hair to fall out, except for the sides and the nape of the neck. Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent treatment for male pattern baldness.

Ineffective Treatment

Incorrect and ineffective treatments applied after hair loss may not have stopped the hair loss and may have caused further loss of hair. Past doctors may lack experience in this regard, and the technologies used may also be insufficient.

Inadequate Hair Care

Quality hair care is a need to guarantee the results after hair restoration treatment. The transplanted follicles should be closely monitored and make sure everything is going smoothly. Otherwise, infection and similar negativities may occur that will prevent the success of the procedure.

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