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Hair transplantation is an operation that takes approximately 6-8 hours. However, the first few weeks after the operation are extremely important. Your diet during this period directly affects the success of hair transplantation. While some foods you consume increase the success of hair transplantation, some of them affect it negatively. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay away from foods that have a negative effect. So, what are the banned foods after hair transplantation? What should be considered different? You can find the answer to these questions and more in the rest of our article.


Foods to Avoid

After hair transplantation, the grafts that are transplanted should settle in their new places quickly. To speed up this process, it is very important to get the right foods. Besides, some foods should be avoided. These foods are:


1. All Non-Organic Foods

Non-organic foods are grown using some pesticides and chemicals. This situation causes the content of foods to be weakened. Besides, there may be chemical residuals left in the foods. Although initially, these may not be a serious risk for the general health condition, they are a direct threat to hair transplantation. Therefore, organic foods should be preferred whenever possible.


2. Very Spicy Foods

Spices are special tastes that add flavor to food. However, these should be used in the right amounts. Excessive use of spices can cause situations such as sweating and increased blood flow. All these have a negative effect on the period after hair transplantation.

avoid spicy foods after hair transplantation

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Foods Not Recommended

It is recommended that you stay away from foods that are blood thinners after hair transplantation. It is not forbidden to consume these types of food, but it will be helpful to stay away as much as possible. Because the dilution of the blood may cause the blood flow to be impaired and the grafts fed through the capillaries to be adversely affected. Some of these types of food are:

  • Celery seed
  • Anise seed
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

When the above list is examined, it will be seen that these foods are not common and that they are not consumed regularly. Again, it is not forbidden to consume them, but excessive consumption can have negative effects. Therefore, they are among the foods that are not recommended.


Other Things You Should Avoid

After hair transplantation, you should be careful at other things you do as well as your diet. These issues are generally as follows:



1. Sun Exposure

One should not be exposed to direct sun. Redness, swelling, and similar conditions can be seen on the scalp after the operation. If these are exposed to direct sunlight, it may worsen the situation.

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2. Physical Activity

Physical activities should be avoided for a while after any surgery, not just hair transplantation. With physical activity, extra power is exerted. Besides, sweating may occur on the scalp. Sexual intercourse can also be considered among these activities. All these negatively affect hair transplantation.


3. Hair Care Products

During the initial periods after hair transplantation, you should only use the shampoo and hair care products recommended by your doctor. You are not allowed to use anything other than those.


4. Medications

You should inform your doctor about the medications you have used for your other diseases. Your doctor will advise you which of these to use or not. You should follow your doctor’s instructions.


5. Alcohol and Smoking

The fact that alcohol consumption and smoking are hazardous for health is known to everyone. Those who have hair transplantation should completely quit alcohol and smoking. If this cannot be done, alcohol and smoking should be suspended. Because such uses negatively affect blood flow and extend the recovery time. These situations may cause hair transplantation to fail.

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Apart from all these, it should not be forgotten that junk food and other unhealthy foods should also be avoided. The process after hair transplantation is of great importance. What you eat and do affects the success of hair transplantation. If you pay attention to the above-mentioned points and follow your doctor’s recommendations, your expectations will be fully met.


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