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With plastic surgery, you can reshape certain parts of your body and have a body as you wish. However, although very successful results are obtained with plastic surgery today, sometimes undesirable results can occur as well. With a bad plastic surgery experience, undesirable situations may occur in your body and this may affect you psychologically. So, what should be done in such a situation? You can find detailed information about this question in the rest of our article.

The chance of having a bad plastic surgery experience may actually be higher than you think. If you do not choose the right surgeon or do not fully share your expectations with your doctor, result will be a huge disappointment for you. In such situations, you will be negatively affected not only physically but also psychologically at the same time. You can fall under the negative spell of your bad cosmetic procedure experience and start feeling completely negative in your life. However, do not forget that by taking right steps in such cases, you can get rid of these problems quickly.


Reasons Why Outcome Is Not As Desired

There may be different reasons why the results of a cosmetic procedure are far from your expectations. These reasons and detailed explanations about them are as follows:

If A Bad Plastic Surgery Is Experienced


Multi-Step Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are generally completed in a single operation. However, more than one step may be needed for some detailed procedures. In such a multi-step process, it would be wrong to look at the results after each step. It will be more accurate to evaluate the results after all the steps related to that procedure and recovery process are completed.

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Recovery Time

After cosmetic procedures, most of patients are impatient and want to see results immediately. However, first results seen are usually not actual. Because swelling and redness that are caused due to surgery prevent results from being seen clearly.

Also, in such procedures, there is a situation that “it gets worse before it gets recovered”. In other words, due to the redness, bruises and swelling that occur immediately after such a surgery, respective area may look extremely bad. However, during recovery process, these problems disappear one by one and real result emerges. That is why results should not be evaluated before recovery process is completed.


Defective or Wrong Surgical Procedure

Another reason why result is not as desired is defective or incorrect surgical procedure. A procedure which is performed by a surgeon who is not an expert in the respective field may cause undesired results. In such cases, even if recovery time expires, result does not change and additional procedures may be required for a solution.

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Things to Be Done After A Bad Plastic Surgery Experience

If result after an aesthetic operation does not satisfy you and you think you had a bad plastic surgery experience, you should contact your doctor first. If you trust your surgeon, share the negative situation occurred with him/her. At this point, the information they will give you can help you relax and understand that the situation is not what you think. If the results after recovery process still do not satisfy you, corrective surgery may be required after this point.

After A Bad Plastic Surgery


Corrective Surgery Option

No matter how good your surgeon is, sometimes undesirable results can occur because of unknown reasons. In such cases, it can be stated that the most effective method to be applied is corrective surgery. Removing scars occurred by a bad plastic surgery application permanently and reshaping your body will only be possible with a new surgical procedure.

If your surgeon is really an expert and experienced in his/her field, you can get help from him/her for corrective surgery. Therefore, dismissing your surgeon for bad results or seeking a different surgeon may not be right at this point. However, if your surgeon does not give you confidence and you have some concerns about your surgeon, it would be better to contact a different surgeon.

With corrective surgery to be performed, mistakes in previous procedure can be corrected at the maximum level.

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Getting a Second Opinion

After a bad plastic surgery experience, a meeting with your doctor is very important. If the information your doctor gives at this point does not satisfy you and your doctor does not give you confidence, be sure to get a second opinion. At this point, do not forget that the surgeon you will consult should have expertise in the plastic surgery you experienced. Otherwise, this second opinion you will receive may mislead you.

If you are satisfied with the meeting with your doctor and decided on corrective surgery, you should get a second opinion. Because corrective surgery will also be reconstructive. Consequently, some risks may come into question. Therefore, it is important to get an opinion from a different surgeon who is an expert in this field to make sure that everything goes well. Also, do not rush about corrective surgery. Because you should wait at least 1 year to minimize the risks for a new surgery in the same area.



Cosmetic procedures are operations that affect human life psychologically and physically. At this point, if you believe that your doctor is applying an incorrect procedure and that you are being mistreated, you can file a complaint about your doctor. However, in this complaint, you should include all kinds of documents and photos regarding the procedures as evidence. Thus, your right to receive compensation may arise as a result of your complaint.


Body Dysmorphic Disorder

There may be psychological reasons of seeing the image that emerges as a result of an aesthetic surgery procedure different from everyone else. A psychological disorder expressed as body dysmorphic disorder can cause even a flawless image to be perceived as problematic. According to this, patients may turn to corrective surgery even if it is not necessary at all. At this point, it is necessary to distinguish between bad plastic surgery and the mentioned psychological disorder.

Bad Plastic Surgery

Body dysmorphic disorder is extremely common and occurs in 1-2% of the population. Diagnosing this disorder and focusing on related treatment will eliminate unnecessary risks of corrective plastic surgery procedures. However, presence of such a psychological problem does not mean that there is no bad cosmetic procedure. It is extremely important to distinguish this well.



If the results after a plastic surgery do not satisfy you, you may be suffering from a bad plastic surgery experience. At this point, you should contact your doctor immediately and get additional opinions from different surgeons if it is necessary. But remember that if the result seems bad only to you, you should seek help from a therapist in case of the possibility of body dysmorphic disorder.