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Plastic surgery offers the most effective solutions for any area you do not like on your body. Sometimes you can reshape your nose, sometimes your breasts and sometimes different parts of your body. However, these procedures are not unlimited and may not be able to produce solutions at some points.

In which situations can plastic surgery be preferred? What are the situations where it cannot be a solution? All the details are in our article.


In Which Situations Should Plastic Surgery Be Preferred?

Advances that experienced in medical technology and techniques have enabled this sector to develop beyond predictions. Such that, when 2016 data is reviewed, it can be seen that 17.1 million people had surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures only in the USA. When we look at the world in general, the number is much higher and this number is increasing every year.

As the number of people who prefer plastic surgery increases, number of comments related to this area are also increasing. People talk about their experiences to other people as good or bad and somehow affect them.

Increasing patient satisfaction with the development of this sector has caused an explosion of positive comments regarding this area. The aforementioned situation has significantly increased the willingness of people to get aesthetic operation. However, having aesthetic operation is a very serious decision and this decision should be made after detailed research.

Plastic Surgery Be PreferredYou can understand whether you have made the right decision or not by asking yourself the following questions before having such a procedure:

  • Will I have that cosmetic procedure really on reasonable ground?
  • Did I choose the right surgeon?
  • Are my expectations realistic?

The answers to the questions here will clearly show whether your decision is appropriate or not. If your answers to these questions do not really satisfy you, you should know that plastic surgery cannot be the solution to your expectations.

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Situations Where Plastic Surgery Cannot be the Solution

Is Plastic Surgery Not a Solution?

In some cases which are detailed below, we can say that plastic surgery will not be the solution to your problem.


Lack of Realistic Expectations

Plastic surgery has become a part of life today. However, you should not expect that cosmetic procedures will completely solve all problems in your life. For example, you cannot save your marriage with a breast lifting procedure or get a promotion with a rhinoplasty. Yes, cosmetic procedures can increase your self-confidence and significantly increase your quality of life. However, it does not generate solutions for problems with different causes. By knowing this, you need to bring your expectations to a realistic level.

You can see a point on your body that you do not like as the source of any psychological problem you experience. However, you should not hope to solve your psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, which have much more different and deep reasons, with plastic surgery. Any cosmetic procedure that you get can positively affect you psychologically, but it certainly cannot solve this kind of deep problems here.

In order to be happy after a cosmetic procedure, you need to bring your expectations to a realistic level. For example, it would not be realistic to expect to look 10 years younger after nose surgery. Instead, you should focus on how much your nose can get smaller or how to get rid of deformities. Realistic expectations will make you happy when you see the result. However, if you go on with unrealistic expectations, generated result may not meet your expectations.

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Lack of Right Reasons for Aesthetics

You should have the cosmetic procedure done just because you want it yourself. To look like someone else or having aesthetics based on someone else’s wishes will eventually turn into a situation that gives you unhappiness. And, when you go through such a situation, it will not be easy to reverse it. After all, any esthetic procedure which is made after a wrong decision may remain as a regret in your life.

Before you get an aesthetic procedure, ask yourself why you want to get it. Make sure that you will do it for your own desire and to be yourself at the end of such a procedure.


Not Choosing the Right Surgeon

One of the most important issues in plastic surgery procedures is choosing a surgeon. When choosing a surgeon, you should pay attention to the fact that he/she is experienced and expert in his/her field. However, never forget that your surgeon must have a good level of communication skills. When you communicate well with your surgeon, you can directly transfer your expectations and get realistic feedback on them. Your doctor should be open and honest with you about unrealistic expectations. Besides this, he/she should be able to suggest different ways for the solution that you are looking for.

When you decide to have a cosmetic procedure, you should definitely not be in a hurry while trying to find a suitable surgeon. It will sometimes take time to find a surgeon who has the quality you want in this field. However, do not decide without finding the right surgeon.

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