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People who want their butt be reshaped have different options. One of them is BBL that is surgical, and the other one is butt lift workouts like squat. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that both of these options provide successful results in butt reshaping. Thus, people wonder which one is better. BBL and butt lift workout – which one is more effective? What are their effects, limits, advantages and disadvantages? All details can be found in our article.


Butt Lift Workouts

There are different types of butt lift workout that target gluteal area. When exercises like squat, deadlift and similar others are done regularly, it is OK to say that gluteal area is possible to be reshaped. Depending on the exercise type, muscle mass in gluteal area will increase and this way, butts’ volume will increase.





One of the most important features of butt lift workouts is that, when you perform them intensely, they also trigger fat burn. These exercises that provide volume in gluteal area will also provide fat burn in the same area when extra exercising is done.

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Limits of Butt Lift Workouts

Although butt lift workouts reshape butts, they may not be able to meet requirements fully all the time. More clearly, women want their butts to be somehow soft. Tightening effect of exercises provides better look for butts. However, fat burn and muscle gain in gluteal area may not be the things women may desire.

Exercises may not provide good results for some due to their body structure. No matter how much exercise is performed, it may not be possible to reshape butts and increase volume in gluteal area. Therefore, it is difficult to day that exercising is the best option for everyone.


Butt Reshaping with Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL is a surgical procedure and it provides people with desired butt. The fundamental principle of this procedure is to inject fat that is extracted from different parts of body to gluteal area. Fat is extracted from different parts of body via liposuction technique.

Since extracted fat is from the same body, BBL procedure is highly secure. That means, no foreign tissue is injected to the body receiving the procedure. Accordingly, no allergic reaction or similar problems occur. By injecting different amounts of fat to different parts of butts, butts are reshaped. This way, people have the chance to have desired butts. Although BBL procedure is harder than butt lift workouts, it provides exact solution.


BBL Advantages

BBL procedure is highly successful about providing desired butt look. In fact, recently, not only women but also men prefer BBL and reshape their butts. One of the most important advantages of BBL is the possibility to extract fat from different parts of body. That means, during the process of fat extraction by liposuction, it is possible to get rid of unwanted fat in other parts of body.

At this point, some people worry about if they have enough fat content for this procedure or not. Since fat can be extracted from any part of body, such a problem is generally not experienced. If enough fat cannot be found due to the candidate’s body, special diet is applied first so that the candidate gains weight. The procedure is applied afterwards.

butt lift workout


BBL Disadvantages

BBL is a highly effective technique to reshape butts. Yet, in spite of its simplicity, this method is a surgical process. It should be noted that any kind of surgical procedure carries side effect and complication risks. Besides, 7-10 days are required to recover after BBL procedure. Patients are required to spend this period at home, resting. Additionally, to have the final results, a few months have to pass.

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Which One Is Better? BBL vs. Butt Lift Workouts

Above, general information about BBL and butt lift workouts exists. Advantages and disadvantages of both options were mentioned. When all these are considered, it is possible to decide which one is better. Yet, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the answer to this question may vary from person to person.

Although exercises are successful about butt reshaping, the effects are limited. Therefore, it can be said that exercising is a suitable option for people who want to have small changes. People who have enough butt volume and who are happy with their butts in general can reshape their butts with correct exercising. This way, their butts can look way better. However, for people who don’t have enough butt volume and who think that their butts have to change completely, butt lift workouts may not be the correct selection. Because, no matter how much exercise is done, it will be difficult to have desired volume and softness. For such people, exercising is not the correct procedure but it can be a supplementary one.

When all these are considered comprehensively, it can be stated that BBL procedure meets expectations and is successful about butt reshaping. Exercising, on the other hand, has supplementary features and it provides tightness instead of softness. We compared BBL procedure and butt lift workouts for you. Depending on your requirements and expectations, the decision is now solely yours.

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