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One of the options that you may prefer to reshape your butt is butt injection method. It is also known as Brazilian butt lift (BBL). In this procedure, fat content extracted from different body parts is used to reshape butts. So, fat content is extracted from the same body that will undergo the procedure, therefore it is a safe procedure. Then, how much is the cost of butt injection? We gathered all factors affecting the cost and average price information around the world together for you.


Factors Affecting The Cost

There is no one fixed price for the cost of butt injection or any other surgical procedure.  Therefore, it is not possible to provide an exact value.  Because, there are multiple factors that affect the cost. Let’s firstly have a look at important factors that affect the cost of butt injection.


1. Quality of the Surgeon

One of the important factors in cost of butt injection is quality of the surgeon. The cost will be directly proportional with expertise level, experience and fame of the surgeon performing the procedure. However, there is one important point not to be forgotten. Surgeon quality is one of the fundamental factors that ensure successful procedure.


2. Clinic

Clinic is another important factor for butt injection as well as other cosmetic procedures. Besides medical sufficiency, details like patient rooms designed based on all requirements, quality of healthcare staff and other procedure related details are all important for patients. The higher this quality is, the higher the cost becomes.

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3. Location

Location is another factor about frequently asked questions about BBL. The location where the clinic is found has direct effect on the cost. For example, rent and similar expenditures of a clinic located at the center of a city in a luxurious neighborhood will definitely be higher. This situation affects the cost of butt injection directly.


4. Country

Conditions of the country where the procedure will be performed is another factor that affects cost. Cost of some service areas, value of the currency and similar factors affect the total cost. For instance, the currency of Turkey, Turkish Lira, is cheaper compared to dollar, euro and pound. This condition can be seen as an advantage for Turkey to be able to offer better prices for BBL procedure.

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5. Difficulty of the Procedure

BBL is simply injecting fat, which is extracted from different body part, into the gluteal area. However, this procedure is not the same for all patients. The amount of fat to be extracted, complexity of injecting process and other details are difficult parts of the procedure. Difficulty of the procedure is proportional with the cost of butt injection.


6. Anesthesia

Type of anesthesia that will be preferred will affect the cost.


7. Clothes

After the procedure, patients have to wear compression garment so that recovery period passes without any problem. If this is provided by the clinic, that means extra cost.

There may be some other cost items than mentioned above. When all these are considered together, we can say that the cost is not fixed and it is variable.


Average Cost of Butt Injection In The World

Average cost changes based on countries. It can be said that success rate, level of advancement in medical tourism, currency value and similar factors of a country affect the overall price. Therefore, it will be more accurate to share cost of butt injection based on countries. Additionally, the costs shared below are average costs and are subject to change from person to person.

  • New York (USA): 9.000$ – 25.000$
  • Dominican: 3.500$ – 4.500$
  • India: 4.000$ – 5.000$
  • Spain: 4.500$ – 5.500$
  • Turkey: 2.500$ – 3.500$
  • England: 7.500$ – 15.000$

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Cost of Butt Injection in Turkey

Turkey showed unbelievable advancement about health tourism recently. Due to successful procedures performed by Turkish surgeons, patients from all around the world come to Turkey for cosmetic procedures.

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Butt injection procedure is successfully performed in Turkey. On top of that, cost of butt injection procedure is relatively affordable. Almost in all countries, price only includes the procedure and for other cost items, additional payment is requested. Whereas in Turkey, procedure cost is all-inclusive. For Turkey, services included in the cost can be listed as below:

  • Accommodation at a 4-5 star hotel
  • Welcoming at the airport
  • All VIP shuttle transfers between hotel, clinic and the airport
  • Necessary medical tests
  • All consultations before and after the procedure
  • Nursing services
  • Personal translator
  • All medicines and medical materials
  • All supplementary healthcare services after the procedure

When all these are considered, it is clear that Turkey is one of the best alternatives for cost of butt injection as well as quality.

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