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It is known or guessed that many celebrities have had hair transplantation recently. One of these names is Ben Affleck. Whether the famous name of Hollywood had hair transplantation or not is one of the issues that has been discussed for a long time. Let’s look for the answer to this question together and find out the truth.

Has Ben Affleck done hair transplantation? Or is this just a rumor! All the details are in our article.

Who is Ben Affleck? | Career Adventure

Before talking about Ben Affleck’s hair transplantation mystery, it would be much better to mention the career of the famous name. Affleck was born in 1972. He started becoming famous when he was a child. He took a part in the Dark End of the Street (1981) when he was only 9 years old. By the age of 12, he acted in Mimi Voyage (1984) and made a definite entry into the world of cinema. However, the movie that provided Ben Affleck’s real reputation was the 1997 production called “Good Will Hunting”. In this film, he acted with his close friend Matt Damon.

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Ben Affleck later took part in many films and became one of Hollywood’s important names. All this has caused the famous actor to be closely followed by the media from childhood.

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Ben Affleck Hair Loss

The fact that he has been in front of the media since childhood has led to different claims about Ben Affleck. One of them is hair loss. It is seen in some photos that the hair of the famous name started falling. Especially in 2010, this situation became visible. The fact that his hairline went back a little was the clearest proof of this. Also, even a bald spot at the top of his hair could be seen in the photos.

Many men experience the hair loss that Ben Affleck had. Fallings are seen especially when approaching the 40s. Some of them are permanent and some are temporary. The reasons for Ben Affleck’s hair loss are not known.

ben affleck hair transplantation


Is Ben Affleck Bald?

Looking at his appearance starting from his first films, we can easily say that Ben Affleck is not bald. The fact that he has a bald spot on the top of his hair doesn’t mean he’s bald. His hair still looks thick despite many years passed. The famous actor has still not made a clear statement about its reason.


Are the Wig Claims True?

There was a rumor of a wig about the famous name in the past. The fact that his hair was thick and smooth was the main source of this rumor. However, in a photograph in 2010, Affleck had a short haircut. Then it was understood that the toupee claim was not true. Because a wig with a short hairstyle has not been produced yet. Even if it was produced, hair loss is seen in the said photograph. Therefore, it is not even possible to use a wig that does not cover hair loss.

Leaving aside all these claims, it is a fact that Ben Affleck experienced hair loss for some time in the past

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Ben Affleck Hairstyle

The famous actor has generally preferred a normal haircut and continued it for many years. However, it is also known that he sometimes prefers long and sometimes short haircuts depending on the movies he acts.

  • His Long Hair

Ben Affleck Long HairstyleBen Affleck Long Hairstyle

Ben Affleck Long HairstyleBen Affleck Long Hairstyle


  • His Short Hair

Ben Affleck Short HairstyleBen Affleck Short HairstyleBen Affleck Short HaircutBen Affleck Short Haircut


Did Ben Affleck Really Have Hair Transplantation?

It is quite clear that Ben Affleck’s hair has undergone some change. Anyone can see this when the photos are reviewed. There are few ways to achieve this change, and one of them is hair transplantation. It can even be said that the only solution to permanent baldness is hair transplantation. The fact that Affleck’s hairline came back to its previous place and the sparse areas became full suggests hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, such changes can be achieved very easily.

ben affleck hair transplantation

With hair transplantation techniques such as DHI and FUE used today, it is possible to have a natural appearance. It can be said that Ben Affleck had hair transplantation with one of these techniques. However, some people say that this change is related to the hair structure of the famous name. It is claimed that the hair loss was not permanent and the hair that was about to fall came back with a different treatment without having hair transplantation.



In light of the above reviews, it is very difficult to say something clearly. Because Ben Affleck has not made a clear statement regarding his hair transplantation. However, the fact that his hairline went backward and the baldness at the top of his head indicate that he experienced a permanent hair loss. Therefore, it can be said that he had hair transplantation for a small area.

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Once more, the famous actor has not made a statement as to whether he had hair transplantation or not. Those mentioned here are based on experts’ comments and predictions. However, considering the change, it can at least be said that he had hair transplantation for the small area at the top of his head.


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