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Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that provides the possibility of effective gluteal area reshaping. It is a known fact that the success of this popular procedure’s success highly depends on the country where it is performed and the surgeon who performs it. Additionally, cost aspect is another important point for candidates. Therefore, choosing the best place to get a BBL can be stated as a factor that enables success for the procedure.

best place to get a bbl

Where is the best place to get a BBL? Which countries have more expertise on this procedure? All details are in our article.


Best BBL Surgeons in The World

BBL procedure is a cosmetic application and it is applied by first removing fat from a body part and then inject it back to gluteal area. It can be said that almost all of the techniques that are used in this application are the same around the world or at least similar. Thus, an expression like best place to get a BBL would not be completely correct. Because, in a country, while this application is being done at a clinic successfully, it can fail at another one. In this regard, the essential thing is not the country but surgeon and clinic selection.

The effects of surgeon and clinic selection for BBL over the success of the procedure is undeniable.

  • Firstly, the surgeon has to have council certificate.
  • Apart from that, he/she should have enough experience regarding BBL procedure.


Look at Before & After Photos

The best way to understand if that is the case or not is to ask your doctor about before/after photo comparisons regarding his/her previous operations during consultation phase. By examining such photos, you can understand how experienced and successful your doctor is. For the clinic, you need to pay attention about the medical capabilities.

Cosmeticium has high expertise and experience regarding BBL. Surgeons working for Cosmeticium have already completed many BBL procedure successfully and ensured upmost level of customer satisfaction. So, their practice and experience are high.

best place to get a bbl

People searching for the best place to get a BBL must pay strict attention to good clinic selection. Cosmeticium clinic is also at a very good level when medical capabilities are considered and it uses state of art medical equipment. When all these come together, results become nothing but perfect. Thousands of patients coming from all around the world is the ultimate sign that shows how successful Cosmeticium is.

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Where is the Best & Cheapest Place to Get a BBL

There are many countries where BBL procedure is applied successfully. However, some of them shine out with their success rates and low cost opportunities. So, people prefer them more. Such countries and their general features are as below:

5. Poland

Poland is one of the countries that come to forefront with low cost in BBL procedure. Being cheaper than other European countries is an important factor for Poland at this point. Cost items like accommodation and food are 25% cheaper then EU countries.

Although it is not the best place to get a BBL, offering easy transportation is one of the most advantageous factors for Poland. Many people from European countries prefer Poland, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that the clinics there have limited capacity. BBL costs around 4.000€ in Poland – and this is the surgery only.


4. Czechia

Czechia is an EU country and it has EU-class health care system. Therefore, it meets all expectations regarding quality. As Poland, Czechia is also a cheaper country than other EU countries. Located at the center of Europe, Czechia offers hassle-free transportation to the patients. Surgery-only cost in Czechia for BBL is around 4.500€.

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3. Mexico

Being a South America country, Mexico is another country that shines out when it comes to BBL. There are enough number of clinics so the requirement is always met.

Mexico is a country that is acknowledged with its advanced level in medicine. Because of all these facts, surgeons offering BBL operation in Mexico do have experience. Cost of BBL operation in Mexico is around 4.500$. Yet, it is far away from Europe and this is an important disadvantage.


2. Lithuania

Being a Baltic country, Lithuania is not the best place to get a BBL but it is a country where plastic surgery is advanced. On top of this, low cost advantage just promotes Lithuania. It is one of the countries where you can have the cheapest BBL procedure. Average cost is around 3.500$.

It is easy to reach Lithuania from Europe. It is also possible to eat or benefit from services like accommodation with affordable prices. Yet, don’t forget that you need to allocate some budget for such costs that are not linked with your operation. The mentioned cost is for the surgery only.


1. Turkey

best place to get a bbl

Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries when medical tourism is concerned. Being highly advanced in medicine, Turkey welcomes almost 1 million people every year for health care purposes. The number of people coming for plastic surgery purposes is also high. BBL procedure in Istanbul can be applied in our clinic successfully.

best place to get a bbl

Cosmetic operations in Turkey are done with high success rate. On the other hand, related cost is really low. BBL cost is around 3.500$ on average and it includes accommodation and transportation as well. A standard package includes:

best place to get a bbl

  • Accommodation at a 4-5 star hotel
  • Welcoming at the airport
  • All VIP shuttle transfers between airport/hotel/clinic
  • Necessary medical tests
  • Nursing services
  • Personal translator
  • All medicines and medical materials
  • Consultation before and after the surgery
  • All supplementary health care after the surgery

Therefore, it won’t be a mistake to say that Turkey is the best place to get a BBL. For clinic selection, you can prefer Cosmeticium and have all the services mentioned above for a one-time cost.


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