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Pregnancy is a process that affects almost all parts of the female body. These changes disappear after giving birth, but they leave traces. There may be sagging in the breasts, cracks in the skin, and some similar problems. To overcome these, women sometimes make use of breast lifting, implant, and different cosmetic procedures. Breast lifting and implants give effective results for women to regain their old appearance. You can find details about these procedures in the rest of our article.


Changes Occurring In the Body after Pregnancy

The change in the body with pregnancy affects the breast areas of women way too much. The development of milk glands for breastfeeding especially causes breasts to grow. Also, such changes can trigger the appearance of cracks in the skin. With giving birth, these changes disappear but leave some traces behind. Some details of these changes are as follows:


The most important reason for the change in breasts is breastfeeding. The effect of breastfeeding is much more visible in those who have more than one child. There may be various problems in the breasts due to breastfeeding. Some of those are; irregular lumps, shrinking breasts, skin sagging, distortion of breast shape.


Another important problem that may occur in the breasts is the cracks. It occurs because of the excessive stretching of the skin due to the increase in the size of the breasts.

After pregnancy, permanent problems that have occurred in the breasts can be eliminated with cosmetic procedures. Breast implants and breast lifting procedures are used to restore the breasts. One of the things women wonder about is whether these procedures can be performed before pregnancy or not. If pregnancy is considered, it will be much more convenient to have it after the pregnancy.

Having these procedures before pregnancy can lead to the loss of these procedures after pregnancy. Or different problems may arise. To prevent such problems from occurring and to eliminate the risk, it will be much more appropriate to carry out the relevant procedures after pregnancy.


How Long Should I Wait for Breast Lifting And Implants After Pregnancy?

The problems that occur in the breasts due to pregnancy can be eliminated with cosmetic procedures. In some cases, while only breast lifting is sufficient, others may require an implant.

Those who want their breasts to be the same after pregnancy want to have these procedures immediately. But the best thing is to wait for some time. Because having a cosmetic treatment immediately after giving birth can cause a decrease in the success of the procedure. So, how long should one wait?

breast lifting and implants

These procedures can be performed 3-6 months after birth. However, if there is breastfeeding, in that case, the end of the breastfeeding should be awaited. After the breastfeeding, 3-6 months should pass. Thus, the result meets expectations. Besides, your baby will not be affected by the negativities related to the operation.

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Why Cosmeticium?

breast lifting and implants

Breast augmentation with implant and breast lifting are among the common cosmetic procedures. Today, it is known that these procedures are preferred by women intensely. However, at this point, it should be known that choosing the right clinic is of great importance. So, why should Cosmeticium be preferred for the mentioned procedures? The answer to this question is quite simple.

Cosmeticium is a clinic that has been meeting people’s expectations for a long time. Many cosmetic operations are performed here every day. Thanks to these, people have a body of their dreams.

All of the surgeons working in the Cosmeticium clinic are experts and well-known names. Apart from these names, the medical infrastructure in the clinic is also well-developed. The use of the most modern equipment significantly increases the success rates of the operations. The satisfaction of patients having surgery here is the clearest answer to the question of “Why Cosmeticium?”. Satisfaction rates of those treated in this clinic are very high. You also can have the breasts of your dreams by choosing the Cosmeticium clinic.