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Large breasts can cause different health problems, although they attract men’s attention. Depending on the anatomical structure and breast size of the person, there may be a pain in different parts of the body. One of these places is the back. So, what is the most effective treatment for back pain caused by large breast size? Is breast reduction an effective procedure for back pain? All the details about the relationship between this surgery and back pain are in our article.


The Reason for Neck and Back Pain

The large breast size naturally causes excessive breast weights. With the effect of gravity, this can result in back and neck pain in many women. Besides, women may also want to hide their breasts to avoid the continuous looks of men. This effort to hide can cause postural impairment over time, also known as hunchback. In short, large breasts adversely affect women in different aspects, especially back and neck pain.


Is Breast Reduction the Only Solution for Back Pain?

Breast reduction can be expressed as one of the treatment methods for back pain. However, some important points should be underlined. First of all, it would not be right to say that all women with larger breasts than normal suffer from back pain. Yes, large breasts have the effect of causing back pain, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that back pain can have different reasons. Therefore, before breast reduction surgery, it is necessary to determine the reasons for the problem and find solutions accordingly.

Breast Reduction and Back Pain

If, after the examinations, it is understood that the cause of back pain is the large breasts, the most logical solution will be breast reduction surgery. With diet and exercise, you can burn some of the fat in your breast area. However, this situation provides you with a limited breast reduction. Besides, sagging or similar problems may occur in your breasts. Therefore, breast reduction is the most effective method in the treatment of back pain.

In the breast reduction procedure, excess tissues and skin in the relevant area are removed. Besides, breast lifting and similar procedures can be performed if desired. Thus, you can get rid of both your back pain and breast sagging.

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How is Breast Reduction Surgery Planned?

If you are experiencing back pain due to your large breasts and are considering having breast reduction surgery, you may be wondering how the surgery is planned. First of all, you will be given information on issues such as scars that may occur after surgery, change of sensitivity in the nipple, and anesthesia. After this information, if you decide to have breast reduction surgery, the planning phase is started.

Breast reduction surgery planning is made by considering some of your features. These are;

  • The breast size,
  • The breast shape,
  • Age,
  • Marital status,
  • Thoughts of having / not having a baby,
  • Skin structure,
  • General health condition and similar features.

In addition to these, your breast is reshaped by taking into account your body sizes. For this, excess fat, tissue and skin are removed from the breast area and the breast is reshaped. All these procedures are performed under general anesthesia and the procedure takes 3-4 hours on average.


Is Breast Reduction Surgery an Obstacle for Breastfeeding?

Although breast reduction is an effective method for back pain, it should be known that it has some drawbacks. Some of the tissues taken from the relevant area for breast reduction may be the milk glands. This constitutes a risk for breastfeeding in the postoperative period. Thanks to the techniques applied today, these risks have decreased to significant levels. It can be stated that the risk is around 5-10% on average.

If you have an idea of having a baby in the future, you should inform your doctor. In such cases, an extra effort will be made to protect the milk glands and milk ducts during the surgery.

Although the milk glands and milk ducts are preserved effectively in this surgery, experts recommend that those who intend to have a baby soon postpone breast reduction surgery.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

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Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery Except for Back Pain

Large breasts can cause not only health problems but also aesthetic concerns. In such people, the nipple is usually under the lower breast line. This is an extremely adverse situation for a woman. Therefore, breast reduction is very successful in effectively eliminating aesthetic concerns as well as treatment of back pain.

After breast reduction surgery, women’s health problems and aesthetic concerns are eliminated. And thus, a serious increase in their self-esteem occurs. For all these reasons, today there is a significant increase in the number of people who have breast reduction surgery.

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