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Recovery process has great importance for those who had breast reduction surgery for different reasons. The process may be different for each patient depending on the procedures to be performed. This is a period that includes some stages in itself. Well, what are the stages of breast reduction surgery recovery period? We have compiled recovery time info for each stage for you.


The First Stage of Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

This procedure is performed under anesthesia. You do not feel any pain either during the operation or in the first hours after the operation. It can be said that you will spend this period comfortably in general. However, depending on the effectiveness of anesthesia, pain may show up over time. To relieve this, medicines prescribed by your doctor will be given to you by nurses. Other details you need to know about this process are as follows:

  • You will be kept under control for the first 6 hours. If there occurs no negative consequence, you will be discharged at the end of this period depending on your doctor’s approval. However, you may need to stay at the hospital overnight depending on your situation.
  • You may feel pain, pressure and tension in your breast area 6-8 hours after the operation. This is normal. To get rid of such a problem, you should take the medications that were prescribed by your doctor.
  • You may feel pain in the first 2 days after the operation. Do not forget that the intensity of this pain is not the same for everyone. After the second day, your pain starts to decrease and after 5 to 7 days, your pain completely disappear.
  • There may be a little edema in the first 2 days of the recovery period after breast reduction surgery. This edema starts to decrease from the third day on.
  • After the surgery, there may be bruising and hardening in your breast area. These are normal and they disappear spontaneously within a few weeks without any intervention.


Removing Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Dressings

One of the most exciting procedures in the recovery period of breast reduction surgery is the opening of dressings. Because, you will have the opportunity to see your new breasts for the first time after this procedure. Dressings are usually opened on the fourth day, but do not forget that your doctor will be the one who make this decision at this point.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

The appearance when dressings are opened may disturb you. However, do not forget that this is not the certain result and bruises, hardness and other negative things and feelings that you see and feel are all temporary.

After dressings are opened, you should regularly use the creams that are prescribed by your doctor. At the beginning, you will be advised to use a moisturizing cream. When your wounds are completely covered, you will start using scar cream.

You will need to use this scar cream for at least 3 months on average. Duration of use can be extended to 6 months. This cream is one of the most important things in the recovery process after breast reduction surgery. As it can be understood from its name, it makes scar caused by surgery get invisible over time.


Breast Massage and Medical Bra Usage

One of the important issues in the recovery period after breast reduction surgery is breast massage. Breast massage should be started when pain is greatly reduced (5-7 days after surgery). You should do this massage every day, as your doctor explained. At this point, you can get help from your partner or a relative. Performing the massage correctly and regularly will help your breasts shape after surgery.


Medical Bra

You may need to use a sports bra or a medical bra after breast reduction surgery. Using these bras according to your doctor’s advice will speed up your recovery and affect your recovery positively. Many surgeons set these bras on dressings immediately after the surgery. Medical bras are designed to be suitable for breast structure and anatomy and are substantially compatible with human ergonomics. For this reason, there are great benefits of using it during the recovery period after breast reduction surgery.

Medical bras support breasts during arm and body movements, as well as ensure that breast movements remain within desired limits. In this way, pain in your breasts is significantly reduced. Additionally, these mentioned bras create a massage effect over your breast area during your physical movements and breathing. This contributes to your recovery process. Medical bras should be worn for at least 1 month after surgery. However, most specialist surgeons state that wearing these bras for 3 months will be beneficial.

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Taking Shower & Swimming During Recovery Stage After Breast Reduction Surgery

After the surgery, you cannot take a shower or swim in a pool or the sea until your dressing is removed. After dressings are opened on the 4th day after the procedure, you can take a shower in case of your doctor approves. However, due to high risk of infection, you will not be allowed to enter into a pool or the sea until your wound is completely covered.

Is Taking Shower & Swimming Normal in Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

After your wound is completely healed, you can swim in the sea and pool. During the 2-month period after you start swimming in the sea, you should not expose the operation area to direct sunlight and protect that area with sunscreen. In addition, you may need to renew the protective sunscreen that you have used, in case of excessive sweating, taking shower, changing clothes, swimming in a pool or in the sea.


Returning to Simple Daily Routines

The question of when to return to social activities and daily routines after surgery is all about your recovery rate. The recovery rate of breast reduction surgery might be different for each patient. However, it can be said that your process after surgery will generally be as follows:

  • You should spend the first day after the operation resting in your bed, apart from meeting your basic needs.
  • Only 2 hours after the operation, you will be able to stand up to meet your needs. In addition, if your doctor approves, you will be able to go home 6 hours after the operation.
  • You can start walking slowly from the second day after the operation. Apart from walking, you can also do other things which are not tiring activities (reading a book, watching TV, using a computer, etc.).
  • On the fourth day after the operation, you can go to your doctor’s office to have your dressings removed. Apart from that, you can start making short trips.

* You gradually get closer to return your daily routine with these processes. However, you should never forget that you have to complete the breast reduction surgery recovery process exactly by following your doctor’s instructions and recommendations.


Returning to Work Life After Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

The subject of when you return to your work life after breast reduction surgery may differ depending on how hard your job is and your recovery status:

  • If you have an office job that is not tiring, you can return to work after 3 days pass from the surgery.
  • If you have a job that is slightly tiring, it would be appropriate to wait for 10 days to return to work.
  • However, if you are working in a job which may be considered as hard, you should be a little more patient to return to work.

Returning to Work Life After Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery


The Phase of Returning to Physical Activities

One of the questions about the recovery process after breast reduction surgery is when to return to physical activities. However, it should not be forgotten that there is no clear answer to this question and suitable time to start physical activities will differ for everyone. Again, it would not be wrong to state that the process is averagely as follows:

  • You can take long walks after 1 week.
  • You can walk briskly and run from 2nd week on.
  • From the beginning of third week, when your wounds are completely covered, you can swim in the sea and provided that your doctor approves this.
  • When 3 full weeks pass after the operation, you can do partially heavy physical work without assistance.
  • From the 4th week on, you can play tennis or make similar activities which depend on arm strength.
  • You can go to sauna, steam bath and solarium after 2 months.

Returning to physical activities during recovery period after breast reduction surgery is generally like this. However, do not forget that your doctor’s approval is a must before all these.