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Hair can be lost due to many reasons. Such hair loss is less and limited for some people and for some, it may result in baldness. Although such an important consequence is possible, many people don’t realize that they are losing hair. This situation may cause delayed treatment or even permanent hair loss. Before you lose your hair permanently, we will talk about 5 different clues that shows the reasons behind.


1. Losing More Than 100 Hair Strands

Hair development has 3 phases. Respectively, in these phases, hair grows, is lost and after a while, grows again. Therefore, losing 100 hair strands every day is considered normal. If you don’t pay enough attention, you will probably not realize this natural hair loss. Besides, depending on your bath frequency, this value can vary. For example, if you bath once a week, you will probably lose more than a hundred during your bath.

Although losing 100 hair strands is normal, it is not normal if it is more than a hundred. Most of the time, such a situation is considered as the beginning of hair loss. By checking your bath drain, hair towel, comb and hairbrush, you may guess how many hair strands you lose daily.


2. Seeing Outer Lines of Your Head From Rear View Mirror

We regularly check how we look from the rear view mirror while driving our car. At such moments, when you look at your head, pay attention to your hair density. If you are able to see your scalp, you may have hair thinning or hair loss.

Clues Showing You Are Losing Hair


3. Needing More Voluminous Hair Styles

Hair style is a thing that people cannot give up easily. If you recently needed to check a hairstyle that shows your hair more voluminous, that means something is wrong. Preferring thick and voluminous hair styles means that existing hair is not sufficient anymore. This case is another important indication of hair loss.


4. Sunburns on Scalp

For anyone with healthy hair, scalp cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. For such a person, hair protects scalp effectively. Therefore, no sunburn occurs on scalp. However, if sunburn occurs on your scalp recently, this situation means that your hair is not sufficiently dense and voluminous anymore. The reason behind is, as you will probably guess, hair loss.

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5. Comments by Other People Regarding Your Hair

People check themselves on a mirror every day, and thus, they can’t realize small changes in their hair most of the time. People around can realize such changes more easily. If several people around you comment about your hair and state that you probably lost hair, you should evaluate this possibility.


What Is The Biggest Reason of Losing Hair?

Platelet Rich Plasma

Being one of the problems experienced by many people, hair loss can be caused by different reasons. Yet, many people believe that the most important reason of losing hair is stress. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that many doctors have similar thoughts and share this belief. However, although its effect is considerable, it is not completely correct that stress is the most important reason behind hair loss. Because, 98% of hair loss cases caused by genetic factors completely, not stress.

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