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New president of the USA, Joe Biden becomes one of the main topics of discussion recently due to his age. Although he is 77, it is told that he looks younger than he is and he owes this to plastic surgery. The fact that Biden’s hair is still dense and voluminous causes the question of whether he had hair transplant or not to be asked. Did Joe Biden have hair transplant? Which parts of his hair is the problem? All you want to know, we gathered it for you.


Joe Biden Hair Transplant and Problematical Parts

Some opinions stating that Joe Biden actually had hair transplant emerged after his past and current looks are compared. Moreover, some people state that he definitely had hair transplant procedure and there are some mistakes already. Problematic parts of Joe Biden’s hair transplant are generally expressed as below:

  • Absence of long-term planning
  • Bad design
  • Very low hair line for a person with high degree of hair loss
  • Not having donor grafts to cover necessary parts
  • Larger bald area that needs to be covered
  • Insufficient hair for crown area to be restored

Points below are insufficiencies regarding the hair transplant that is claimed to be true. At this point, if hair transplant topic is real, experts agree on that the above mentioned topics are insufficiencies. Normally, more natural look should be the result after creating hair line a little bit more in the front and occurrence of some corners.

The mentioned procedure would definitely prevent unnatural appearance even if hair loss takes place again in long term. However, for Joe Biden’s hair transplant case, these factors are considered as missing.


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Joe Biden (@joebiden)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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Why Is It Claimed That Joe Biden Had Hair Transplant?

Joe Biden has gone into politics long time ago. Firstly, he attracted attention at his 40s as a senator from Delaware. During that period, it was clear that Joe Biden was experiencing man-type baldness. There were considerable amount of hair thinning and hair loss. Yet, later, these problems just vanished. Therefore, it is presumed that Joe Biden had hair transplant at his 40s. Then, was aesthetic concern the only concern that Biden had?

There are different factors in politics that represent power or that make you look powerful in your opponents’ eyes. Creating a charismatic appearance with lively hair has an important role for you to be successful in politics. When voluminous hair of all past presidents of the USA is considered, this argument would be a correct one. Therefore, it is thought that Biden had hair transplant because of political reasons. Furthermore, it is presumed that he didn’t take this decision by himself but with his team.

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Did Joe Biden Really Have Hair Transplant?

Joe Biden made no statement regarding his hair transplant. Yet, according to many experts, positive changes in his hair in time are the biggest indicators showing that he had it. Especially when his photos from his 40s are examined, it is clear that he had hair loss back then. However, currently, it is seen that he has no hair loss or any consequence related with hair loss. For a 77 years old man who experienced hair loss years before, his current hair looks really voluminous.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Joe Biden (@joebiden)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

It is presumed that his surgery was done in 1980s. During that time, hair transplant was done with “taps containing 15-30 grafts”. According to experts, famous politician had hair transplant done with this method. If it is required to emphasize again, Joe Biden made no statement about hair transplant at all. All these are experts’ own ideas and thoughts.

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