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The breast is of great importance for women in terms of both outlook and fulfillment of maternal duties. However, women may sometimes resort to cosmetic procedures to reshape their breasts for different reasons. Breast reduction surgery is one of these procedures. So, does breast reduction surgery give damage to the milk-producing ducts and glands? Does breast reduction affect breastfeeding? You can find the answers to these questions and other details in the rest of our article.


The Relationship between Breast Reduction Surgery and Breastfeeding

Large and eye-catching breasts are known to be features women would want to have. However, sometimes having large breasts brings along different problems. In such cases, breast reduction surgery is performed to help women get rid of these problems. So, how is breast reduction surgery performed?

The way this surgery is performed constitutes the basis of the question of whether breast reduction affects breastfeeding or not. In breast reduction surgery, breast tissue and a part of the breast skin are removed. Thus, the breast is reduced to the desired size. There is a direct relationship between the “breast tissue” to be removed and breastfeeding. Because there are milk glands in the tissues taken. This situation provides a direct relationship between breast reduction surgery and breastfeeding. This correlation is much higher than procedures such as breast augmentation and breast uplift.


How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

The fact that a part of the milk glands is removed in breast reduction surgery brings to mind the question of how breastfeeding is affected. First of all, it should be known that there are some misbeliefs on this issue. The claim that breastfeeding ability will be completely lost with this surgery is not true. Yes, some milk glands are removed in this surgery, but this does not mean that you will completely lose your breastfeeding ability. The effect of this procedure is extremely limited and does not prevent you from meeting your baby’s milk need.

Female Breast Anatomy

Thanks to the techniques used today, the answer to the question of whether breast reduction affects breastfeeding is to a great extent “No”. It should be accepted that there is a risk related to the milk glands and ducts in this surgery, but it should also be known that this risk is low. If a surgeon experienced in his field is preferred, the risk of not being able to breastfeed will be much lower.


How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed in Regards to Milk Glands?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed by removing excess tissue and skin. The technique to be used in the surgery depends on whether the patient has a baby or the idea of having a baby in the future. At this point, there are two different situations. These are:

  • If the patient is planning to have a baby in the future, maximum attention is paid to the protection of the milk glands and milk ducts during the operation. It is ensured that there are no areas related to breastfeeding in the tissues taken. Thus, any adverse effect on the patient’s breastfeeding ability is avoided.
  • If the patient does not have an idea of having a baby in the future, much more radical procedures are applied during the operation. At this point, no extra effort is made to protect the milk glands and ducts.


Does Reduction in Breast Size Affect Breastfeeding?

Large breast is thought to mean more milk glands and milk. There is also this thought behind the question of whether breast reduction affects breastfeeding. However, the idea that a large breast means more milk is not the right approach.

Large breasts, although they are natural, are different than normal. This difference may even cause the milk glands and ducts to deteriorate. Besides, it is possible to cause problems such as cystic structures in large breasts, the collapse of the nipple, or flattening of the nipple. This is a situation that prevents or makes it difficult for the baby to hold the nipple. Therefore, it can be stated that a large breast does not mean more milk, and it is even a much more adverse situation in terms of breastfeeding.

Breast Reduction and Breastfeeding

* In the light of the above information, when the breast size is considered, it can be easily said that the answer to the question of whether breast reduction affects breastfeeding is simply “No”.

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It is very difficult for the milk glands and milk ducts not to be affected by breast reduction surgery. Accordingly, whether breast reduction affects breastfeeding may raise questions in your mind. Yes, although not high, it is a fact that there are some risks involved in this surgery regarding breastfeeding. However, by preferring the right surgeon and clinic, you can minimize the risk of the surgery affecting breastfeeding. Thus, while you get rid of the adverse effects of large breasts on your life, you also protect your breastfeeding ability. At Cosmeticium, our first recommendation is that it would be more appropriate to have this procedure after having a baby.