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Hair loss problem is one of the most annoying problems encountered by many people. As a result of this condition, people are faced with problems such as baldness as well as experiencing important psychological issues. In the face of problems such as sparsity of the hair, people find the remedy in hair transplantation procedures. However, hair transplantation procedures are not applicable to everyone. Especially the diabetic patients constitute the patient group that is carefully examined when it comes to hair transplantation procedures. Because not every diabetic patient can get hair transplantation.

How does diabetes affect hair transplantation? What should be paid attention to before hair transplantation in diabetes patients? We have examined all the answers to these questions for you.


What is the Effect of Diabetes on Hair Loss?

One of the few known side effects of diabetes is that it causes hair loss. The cause of hair loss is both diabetes itself and the medication taken in this process. Medications can influence the acceleration of hair loss. In this disease process, many factors can cause hair loss. A few of them are:

  • Poor blood circulation system,
  • Hormonal disorders,
  • Poor immune system,
  • The slow process of hair regeneration.

In people with type 2 diabetes, hair loss usually occurs for two different reasons. The most common cause is Androgen hormone disorder. Androgen hormones are also affected when the irregularity of blood sugar levels and the fluctuations in sugar balance affect hormonal balance. And this leads to a significant deterioration of health of the hair.

Other causes of hair loss are problems in blood circulation. As a result of damage to capillaries, the nutrients and oxygen that must be transported by the blood cannot reach the hands, feet and scalp sufficiently. The hair follicles with insufficient nutrients weaken over time and have difficulty in holding around the bottom of the hair. And this causes the hair to begin to fall after a while. This problem prevents the hair from renewing itself and becomes an important hair problem for people.



Which Diabetes Patients Can Get Hair Transplantation?

Diabetes patients with hair problems can also benefit from hair transplantation applications. However, for every diabetic, this situation requires different evaluations. First, an assessment should be made on the condition of the person’s diabetes and the procedure should be decided accordingly. Although these procedures can be applied to diabetics, the person must be careful about every single detail in this process. Hair transplantation, which is needed due to hair loss problem, can be performed in diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes. In order to perform this procedure, the person’s diabetes should be taken under control. Once the risk factors are eliminated 100%, a hair transplantation procedure can be given a go.

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Diabetes Patients Who Cannot Get Hair Transplantation

Although Type 2 patients can undergo hair transplantation procedure once the risks are eliminated, unfortunately, Type 1 diabetic patients cannot get hair transplantation during the disease period. Diabetics with unstable and high glucose levels have a high risk throughout this process. People with type 1 diabetes may experience risky ups and downs during hair transplantation. Therefore, hair transplantation is not recommended for patients with Type 1 diabetes.


Examined Conditions of Diabetes Patients Prior To Hair Transplantation

Patients with Type 2 diabetes who decide to undergo hair transplantation procedure need to be examined on certain issues. They have to undergo a thorough examination and it is important to ensure that their health status at the time is appropriate for hair transplantation procedure. Among the issues taken into consideration in the examinations, it is necessary to determine the actual cause of hair loss. Then all the necessary tests should be done for the patient. Among these tests, HbA1c blood test is extremely important. Undergoing hair transplantation procedure without this test carries great risk.

The HbA1c test determines the glycosylated haemoglobin content in the blood. After this test, the effects of diabetes on the person’s immune system and circulatory system are examined. Information on whether the blood sugar can be kept at a normal level or not and the degree to which the patient’s sugar and hormone levels are affected during a prolonged operation are also examined. And finally, the extent to which small wounds and incrustations that will occur during the procedure will be affected by diabetes will be examined.

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Considerations of Diabetes Patients Prior to Hair Transplantation

Although it is risky for diabetics to get hair transplantation, when this situation is controlled and a good hair transplantation centre is preferred, the risk is largely eliminated. In this process, diabetics must be aware of some important issues prior to the operation. These are:

  • Diabetic patients are required to get done all the required tests prior to the operation.
  • If the doctor provides a nutrition program to keep the sugar level under control, this program must be fully followed.
  • All medications used must be reported to the surgeon without any exception.
  • For people with sugar-level imbalance or hidden diabetic patients, an interview should be arranged between the hair transplant surgeon and the physician who monitors the person’s diabetes before the operation.
  • The person who is going to undergo hair transplantation procedure should also inform the doctor who monitors his diabetes about this operation.

* Every diabetic patient must pay attention to these issues, whether there is risk or not!



The Importance of Pre-operative Diet for Diabetes Patients

Healthy and regular nutrition are very important in diabetes. Particularly with dietary guidelines, diabetics must be fully compliant. Adhering strictly to the rules specified by doctors prior to hair transplantation procedure and fulfilling what is written in the diet plan are very important to keep sugar level under control. Especially people with unbalanced sugar levels should be given specific diet programs under medical supervision prior to medical interventions.

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What Kind Of Effects Does Diabetes Have on Hair Transplantation Procedure?

Diabetes, which changes blood structure greatly, has important effects on hair transplantation procedures. The most important of these is the longer recovery period following hair transplantation. Microchannels are opened on the scalp during hair transplantation procedure. These microchannels appear as wounds in the recovery process. The healing process of small wounds and incrustations may be slightly longer in diabetic patients than it is in normal people. Therefore, when diabetic patients undergo hair transplantation procedure, they can get medication support and/or implement a special care program.

Another important effect on hair transplantation is the blood clotting rate. The blood clotting rate during hair transplantation procedure is extremely important. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetics discontinue blood thinning products prior to the operation. As of about 10 days ago, these medications should be discontinued. People who are obliged to use these medicines should never undergo hair transplantation procedure. Because the discontinuation of medications that are essential for diabetic patients may pose a life-threatening risk.


High and Unbalanced Diabetics Should Not Get Hair Transplantation

All vital risks and irregularities must be eliminated in order to make hair transplantation procedure possible. Throughout this process, if the person’s diabetes presents high levels or appears to be unbalanced, it is recommended that this person does not undergo hair transplantation procedure. In all other cases, people with diabetes can undergo hair transplantation procedure once the necessary doctor’s permission is taken and the tests are done. The special decisions your doctor will make according to the status of your condition are of great importance.

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