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One of the countries attracting the most attention in the transplantation sector in recent years is Turkey. In this country, which gives great attention to this issue, health tourism is supported by the state. Therefore, developments on the issue are closely being followed and the latest advanced technologies can be applied in Turkey.

You can find all the services provided with the latest methods of hair transplantation. Many doctors and health officers who are specialized and experienced in both methods and devices also work in Turkey. That’s why many tourists every year are visiting Turkey for health tourism. On the other hand, Greece is another preferred country because it’s situated in Europe. Which of these two neighboring countries should you prefer?

Turkey and Greece are the two leading countries in hair transplantation sector. We compared the price and success rates of these 2 countries for you.


Which Country is More Preferred?

People from all over the world prefer Turkey for the hair transplantation operations. Many people, especially from the Balkans and Eastern European countries, Middle East countries, including Europe and America, want to have their operations here as they have heard of the success of Turkey in this sector. Thus, the number of visitors coming to Turkey for hair transplantation is increasing every year. That’s why the doctors and paramedics here are very specialized in almost all types of hair, skin and physical properties.

In particular, doctors in Turkey have the experience and opportunity to develop all kinds of solutions for the risks and problems that may occur during the operation. Turkey is preferred more as the operation time is relatively shorter than Greece.

Greece is also a developing country in hair transplantation. Although the doctors and medical centers are not as advanced as those in Turkey, it is among the preferable countries.

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Which Country Has More Advanced Technology and Experience?

Turkey has the doctors who are expert in FUE and DHI which are the most preferred methods of hair transplantation in recent years. In addition, both methods are implemented in appropriately equipped health centers.

The doctors’ high level of English is a great advantage to establish a correct dialogue with their patients.

Similar things can also be said for Greece. There are also doctors who are specialized in hair transplantation and competent hair transplantation centers. However, we can say that Greece is watching a step behind Turkey because Turkey is one of the few countries outstanding in Turkey’s industry.


Which Country Is Cheaper?

If you should make a choice between Turkey and Greece considering where to have hair transplantation operation, another issue that you wonder is the price. We can say that Turkey is advantageous in terms of prices. Because the average price of transplantation in Greece is about €2200 – €4600, it costs around €2000 – €3000 in Turkey.

Turkey’s another advantage is that it is bundle pricing (package price). So you won’t have any other extra cost. In Greece, you will also have accommodation, airport pick-up and sometimes an interpreter costs as well as the cost of hair transplantation.

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Package Prices in Turkey

One of the most important advantages offered by Turkey as we mentioned before is what the prices include apart from the operation costs. With this package, you will not have to consider any extra costs except for your flight tickets. Hair transplant operation, airport pick-up, accommodation at luxurious hotels, inspection and free consultancy services up to 1 year after the operation are also included in this package.

What you need to care about when comparing the prices in Turkey and Greece is that Turkey is much more advantageous. With a single package price, you can meet all your expenses.


Infographic for Hair Transplant Prices: Turkey and Greece



Once you’ve decided to have hair transplantation and you are going to choose either Turkey or Greece, you must keep in mind that you will have accommodation costs and other travel expenses that you should add to the transplantation prices. Prices in Greece cover only costs of the hair transplantation operation. All other costs are at your expense. In this respect, Turkey is much more advantageous in price and many other respects.

In particular, Turkey is one of the countries with high success rates in hair transplantation surgery. Because there are many clinics, hospitals and specialists, you don’t have to wait for weeks as you do in other countries. Also, you can find an opportunity to have vacation in Turkey which has so many tourist attractions. Turkey is very rich in terms of things to do and places to see. Both historical and natural beauties have always attracted attention.

When all of these features are considered together, Turkey emerges as a far more viable option particularly because it is affordable and has a high success rate.

You can consult our expert doctor and you may want more information from the hospital before coming to Turkey. With the free consultation form, you will be fully provided with the information about the things that you should do and your doctor will give you all the details. Here, you can fill in the online consultation form. You can make your decision more clearly when you receive the correct and satisfactory answers to all the questions you want to ask.

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