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Hair loss can be experienced in different periods of life, depending on different reasons. However, in some periods, hair loss can be seen in many people. The postpartum period is one of them. So much so that the number of women who experience hair loss after giving birth is quite high. There are even world-famous stars among them.

Who are the celebrities who experience postpartum hair loss? These names will surprise you! Details are in our article.

15 Celebrities Who Had Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is very common. Many famous names have experienced hair loss after giving birth. We have compiled 15 of these celebrities for you.

1. Jacqueline Jossa

jacqueline jossa hair loss

The 22-year-old famous actress noticed that her hair was getting thin after giving birth to a girl. She made some posts on Instagram to show this situation to his followers. In one of her posts, she supported mothers who had experienced hair loss after giving birth. She also mentioned that her hair is slowly starting to return to its original state.

2. Selma Blair

celebrities postpartum hair loss


Selma Blair, one of the famous names in Hollywood, was seen with thinner hair than usual after giving birth to her son. The famous name stated that her hair started to fall out about 3 months after giving birth. She said that she took care not to block the shower drain in order to emphasize that the hair loss was too much.

3. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian hair loss


The world-famous star Kim Kardashian grabbed attention with her thinning hair after giving birth. Hair loss after birth is considered normal and temporary. However, there were speculations that the hair loss experienced by the famous star were not only related to birth, but that the strict diet she applied to regain her form might also have an effect on her situation.

4. Geena Davis

Geena Davis hair loss

Geena Davis is one of the names that everyone talks about with her enviable hair who is recognized everywhere with her unique style and look,. The famous name, who became a mother in her 40s, experienced hair loss and thinning of her hair after giving birth..

5. Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland hair loss

Ekland, a former Bond girl, suffered severe hair loss right after she became a mother for the third time. The Swedish actress stated that her hair thickened during pregnancy. But after giving birth, she said that her hair started to fall out in massive amounts. The hair loss continued and the famous actress had to pay thousands of dollars for the shampoos and hair care products she used to stop it.

6. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson stated that she suffered from hair loss after the birth of her son Bingham. The famous name, who experienced hair loss due to postpartum alopecia, also said that she did not experience such significant hair loss in her first birth. After this birth, she talked about her weight, acne and hair loss.

7. Helen Flanagan


The former Coronation Street and I’m a Celebrity star was spotted in Mallorca some time ago with her one-year-old daughter. The famous star’s thin hair directly grabbed attention. Postpartum alopecia is a condition that resolves on itself some time after birth. It is not normal to continue for 1 year. The situation that the famous name is experiencing may be a chronic telogen efflivium problem.

8. Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona hair loss

Loose Women host Kerry Katona lost some of her hair after her fifth birth. The famous host said that she did not like this situation, but she had to deal with it after the birth of her baby.

9. Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton hair loss

American singer and TV star Tamar Braxton lost her hair after giving birth in 2013. The famous star shared this situation on her Instagram account with the message that your hair falls out when you have a baby.

10. Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher

Fletcher, lead singer of McFly and McBusted, explained in her statements in the blog section of Hello magazine that she experienced hair loss after her first child. She stated that the bald areas on the hairline are obvious and she can see how much hair loss she is experiencing by looking at them.

11. Christina Milian

Christina Milian hair loss

Christina Milian, who was born in New Jersey, noticed that her hair started to fall out about 3 months after giving birth. The famous singer, who is also a songwriter, said that she did not expect this situation and that she did not have any information on this subject before. She stated that she realized she was experiencing hair loss when she saw her hair falling out in the drain in the shower.

12. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham hair loss

Ashley Graham, who is among the celebrities with postpartum hair loss, stated that she experienced hair loss after giving birth in January 2020. The famous name, who is looking for different solutions to get rid of this very common situation, has accepted that this situation is in fact very much normal.

13. Lea Michele

Lea Michele hair lossGlee actress, Lea Michele shared her postpartum hair loss on her Instagram account with the note “Postpartum hair loss is REAL”. Showing a lock of hair in her hand to her post, the famous name revealed how annoying the situation can be.

14. Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis hair loss

Jamie Otis, the star of Married at First Sight, is another famous name who suffers from postpartum hair loss. She shared on her Instagram post with the note “Here I am completely raw and bare and balding” to express her hair loss.

15. Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet hair loss

Victoria Monet, who gave birth to a baby girl on September 13, stated that she had experienced a great hair loss. The famous star, who said that she lost about 40% of her hair in her post on Twitter, shared this dramatic situation she experienced after giving birth with her followers.

7 Important Information About Postpartum Hair Loss

There are some important things to know about postpartum hair loss. Thanks to these informations, women can go through the process more smoothly. Now, let’s move on to those 7 important pieces of information.

1. Hair Growth Stages

Hair growth consists of three stages. Which are; growth, transition and resting stages. After these stages, hair strands starts to fall out. It is estimated that up to 100 strands of hair can be lost every day due to this cycle. Therefore, hair loss up to 100 strands per day can be considered as normal.

2. Being Patient And Kind

It should be accepted that this situation is a reflection of the ordinary course of life. Remember that postpartum shedding is temporary and you need to be patient about it. Be kind to yourself and don’t be constantly pressure yourself about this temporary situation.

3. The Effect of Hair Type and Color on Postpartum Hair Loss

Women’s hair types and colors can affect postpartum hair loss. Those with lighter and thinner hair may experience the postpartum hair loss more than others.

4. Consulting to A Doctor

Majority of women who will give birth for the first time are not aware of postpartum hair loss. This is why this situation might be shocking for them. It will be useful for doctors to inform expectant mothers about this process.

5. Peak of Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair loss after birth usually peaks between the 3th and the 6th months of pregnancy. Then the recovery phase begins. When your baby is 1 year old, the hair loss that you have experienced will be largely fixed.

6. Hair Styling

The methods used for styling hair during and after pregnancy can affect hair loss. Some of the methods to be used here may cause pulling force in the hair follicles. Such negative effects may cause excessive postpartum hair loss.

7. Excessive Hair Loss

Some women express that they experience an excessive amount of hair loss and bald areas are being formed. In such cases, it would be helpful to see a doctor immediately. The problem will be determined and an appropriate solution will be developed with the examination to be carried out by a specialist dermatologist.

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