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National footballer Cenk Tosun is one of the players who have experienced a rapid rise in his career. During this rise, it is not wrong to say that he has also gone through a physical change. Yes, we are talking about the change in his hair. When his earlier photos in the first years of his career are examined, it will be seen that his hair was quite sparse. Whereas, it is known that his hair in his current photos is bushy. The reason for this is the hair transplantation the famous footballer had. All details about this procedure, which can be an inspiration for many people, are frequently asked.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cenk Tosun’s hair is generally thin. He has natural-looking hair after hair transplantation. Those who have falling hair like Cenk Tosun want to get information about hair transplantation. How was Cenk Tosun’s hair transplantation performed? How long did it take to have results? You can find the answers to these questions in our following article.


Who is Cenk Tosun?

Before passing onto the details of hair transplantation, it will be better to give general information about Cenk Tosun. The famous footballer was born in Germany in 1991 and started his career in this country. Then, his talent was discovered and he became a professional footballer. He moved from Germany to Turkey and played for Gaziantep Sports Club for a while. And then he was transferred to one of the most important teams of our country, Besiktas. He stood out with his successful performance here and evaluated the offers coming from Europe and preferred playing in the U.K. At the moment, he continues his football career in the United Kingdom.  Cenk Tosun is married with one child.

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Where Did Cenk Tosun Have His Hair Transplantation Performed?

Cenk Tosun decided for hair transplantation after his engagement. After this date, he stated that he wanted to go to his wedding with his hair. After getting engaged with Ece Ak, he expressed his wish about this and decided to be one of the celebrities who have hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be performed in many countries of the world. As it is known, a footballer like Cenk Tosun could have got it in any country, in any clinic he wanted. However, the famous footballer preferred one of the hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul. Let us mention this as a small detail to show how safe and successful hair transplantation in Turkey is.

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cenk tosun


Details of Cenk Tosun’s Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation can be expressed as the transfer of the grafts in the upper part of the neck to the hairless areas. Grafts are usually taken from the neck area. The reason is that this hair is more resistant to falling. This method was also followed in the hair transplantation performed to Cenk Tosun. Grafts taken from the neck area were transferred to the top area.

When we look at famous footballer’s old photos, we see serious falling in the temporal region. Also, the density of hair at the top was very low. So, there was serious baldness at the top area. Hair transplantation was done to cover this baldness there.

As the openness at the top was quite large, the number of grafts needed to cover this space has been a frequently asked question. People, especially the ones who want to have hair transplantation, have been asking about the number of grafts planted to Cenk Tosun. Normally, we can only approximately tell the number of grafts planted too many celebrities. But, in case of the hair transplantation done to Cenk Tosun, we can give the exact number as the details were shared. 5000 grafts were planted to the famous footballer.

The planted grafts were placed at a certain angle. Thus, it was aimed to have a natural look. Apart from this, another important detail was that planting was done more intensely in the frontal region. This is considered quite normal. In some procedures, such a method may be followed.


Is Cenk Tosun’s Hair Transplantation Successful?

When the hair transplantation is done to the famous footballer is evaluated, it can be considered quite successful. At this point, having thin hair may be misleading. The fact that 5000 grafts were planted and the photos before the transplantation show very clearly that the procedure has been successful.  Moreover, famous footballer’s photos of his happiness about the hair transplantation confirm this.

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Before and After Photos

To understand the hair transplantation more clearly, it will be sufficient just to look at the before and after photos. The change is quite apparent when these photos, which have become classical, are examined. Also, the fact that, after the hair transplantation, he used the topic in some photos should be considered.

cenk tosun

cenk tosun

cenk tosun

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