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The coronavirus, first seen in China in December 2019, spread to all countries by March 2020. It soon became clear that it is something different than an ordinary virus. However, the bills of the measures that were not taken at the beginning were quite heavy. While millions of people are infected, the number of dead is now expressed in hundreds of thousands. Due to the quarantine measure against this virus, everybody locked themselves in their houses. Social life almost stopped. As Cosmeticium, we had to postpone our hair transplantation sessions to a later date.

The Coronavirus was in an upward trend in March and April. This virus, whose centre is China, spread to continental Europe in a short time. It spread extremely fast, especially in Italy and Spain. Then it started to appear in America. Unlike March and April, we started getting some signs of improvement in May. In some countries, the first steps have already been taken for normalization. As Cosmeticium, we are completing all our preparations for the normalization process at full speed.


What Are We Doing As Cosmeticium?

Coronavirus is a virus transmitted from person to person. Therefore, it spread very quickly and caused the health system to collapse in most countries. To fight against this virus, it is recommended that people wear masks and stay at least 2 meters apart from each other. As a result, as Cosmeticium, we had to decide to take a break from our hair transplantation sessions.

The decrease in the rate of spreading of the coronavirus and the increase in the number of healed people in May shows that we are close to returning to normal. As Cosmeticium, we are making all necessary preparations to carry out all our hair transplantation sessions with the same precision and quality when we return to normal. We are also speeding up our efforts to take additional measures.

While performing hair transplantation procedure, we use separate equipment in each process, and we take great care to ensure that these are sterile. This is one of our important rules. After the Coronavirus, we will make this rule even more effective. Apart from the equipment, we will regularly disinfect all areas in our clinic. Thus, our clinic will become much more hygienic.


How Will Hair Transplantation Sessions Be Performed In Our Clinic Post-Virus?

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

It is known to all that we are a clinic that pays great attention to hygiene during hair transplantation operations. The virus can be transmitted to people from surface areas as well as from person to person. For this reason, we will first apply additional measures to remove potential viruses from the environment. Apart from this, we will perform our hair transplantation operations with the same precision and quality.

We will show the same sensitivity in other services that we offer you. You will feel safe during procedures such as accommodation and transportation. In short, as Cosmeticium, we would like you to know that we are ready for the new normal. You can be extremely comfortable with the virus related issues and the quality of hair transplantation.



Calls to stay at home due to coronavirus are made in many countries around the world. Staying home due to the virus can be seen as an advantage for those who have hair transplantation. In the early days after hair transplantation, a significant number of people want to hide their images. The image until the hair comes out can be hidden by staying at home.

Cosmeticium provides you with the necessary support in every field in this period. Thanks to physical and psychological support, we take the necessary steps for hair transplantation to be successful. In this period, it is particularly important not to be under too much stress and to know the hair transplantation processes. We consider extra stress due to Coronavirus and take the necessary precautions. You can reach us anytime from our contact page. We will respond as soon as possible.

As a result, we guarantee you that we will successfully perform our hair transplantation operations in the new period. Hope to meet you again as soon as possible. Stay healthy.