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Dental implants are the only way to permanently gain the tooth you have lost due to different reasons. With dental implants, you can have teeth that function like natural teeth and are just as strong as them. The demand for dental implants, which are very common all over the world, is increasing day by day. However, with this demand, it is a known fact that people have some concerns about pain. Questions such as “Do I feel pain while dental implants are being placed? Will the pain be unbearable?” are asked by patients.

There are serious differences between dental implants and other dental treatments. First of all, you have permanent teeth thanks to this treatment. Although this has a great advantage, the fact that the treatment is directly applied to the jaw bone causes serious hesitations regarding pain. Is dental implant treatment a painful process? Will I feel pain during and after treatment? You can find all the answers in our article.


Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment

Before mentioning about how painful this treatment is, its advantages should be discussed first. Dental implants allow you to have permanent teeth. A missing tooth has a negative impact on both health and different fields of everyday life. Therefore, the missing tooth must be treated. There are different options at this point. However, all treatments except dental implants, are temporary. Therefore, this treatment is extremely advantageous. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • One or more missing teeth are removed.
  • It is a long-lasting treatment and you do not need a different dental treatment for more than 20 years.
  • It is cleaned and cared just in the same way as natural teeth.
  • Thanks to the implant placed, you get a permanent solution
  • It has a natural tooth appearance and is not noticed.
  • There aren’t any known and detected side effects.


How Painful Is Dental Implant Treatment?

It would be wrong to say that dental implant treatment is completely painless. First of all, it should not be forgotten that this treatment is an operation. Like every surgical procedure, the treatment process has painful periods. So, what is the level of pain felt?

There are different treatment photos and videos especially on the websites and social media platform. Anyone can reach them very easily. This is exactly why people think the aforementioned treatment is painful. Because those who see the photos and videos here are greatly affected by the images, which makes them think that these processes cause unbearable pain.

dental implant

First of all, patients are put under general or local anesthesia in the process of performing this treatment. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that there is no pain during the procedures. However, it is a fact that patients experience some pain in the healing process. The pain felt during the healing process is definitely not too much to be tolerated.

To give an example, let’s assume that the level of pain a person can feel is 100 and the state of no pain is 0. It can be said that the pain felt due to the aforementioned process is between 20 and 30 on average. So the pain felt here is definitely not too much. There are also a number of antibiotics and pain medications prescribed by your doctor for these periods. Thanks to these drugs, you can spend a much more comfortable period of recovery.


How is a Dental Implant Made?

Dental implant treatment draws attention as a process consisting of several stages. Different processes are applied in this process. These are as follows:

  • Consultation: At this stage, jaw bone density is checked. If there is no proper density, the density of the jaw bone is increased with the bone taken from different parts of the body.
  • Implants Placement: At this stage, implants are placed in the jaw bone. For this process, first of all, soft tissue is removed and bone is reached. Then the implants are placed and the soft tissue is sutured.
  • The fusion of Implants with Bone: It is only necessary to wait for this procedure. The bone fuses spontaneously within 4-6 months.
  • Prosthesis Placement: After fusion, implants are attached to the implants.

* Steps of the procedure are described here in general. It should not be forgotten that there are normally more comprehensive procedures.


Recovery Period in Dental Implant Treatment

Details of the treatment are given above. To put it again, these procedures are done completely under anesthesia. Therefore, patients do not experience any pain during the procedure but the main thing here is pain in the recovery period. This period is divided into two. The first is the period including the fusion of the implant and bone. It takes about 6 months on average. Some pain may be felt only in the early stages of this phase. Painkillers can be used.

Your doctor may prepare temporary dentures for you during the fusion period. Thus, you will not have any problems in terms of food and appearance. However, you should definitely act according to your doctor’s recommendations while eating. You should avoid hard foods and choose foods that are soft and will not strain your teeth during this period.

There is also a recovery period after the dentures are placed, but this period is relatively painless. During this period, you get used to the dentures. Several adjustments can be made by your doctor for you to adapt to them. You may feel pain and swelling in your gums before adjusting or getting used to it. These will pass by themselves after a while. If you bother too much, you can get help from painkillers.

So these are the details about how painful the dental implant treatment is. Do not forget that you will get the most accurate information about these procedures from your dentist.

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