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Have you ever thought that your favorite hairstyle may make you bald? Although it is not very realistic, there is such a possibility. Yes, your favorite hairstyle may cause your hair to weaken and then be shed permanently. Especially, the fact that women tie up their hair or prefer tightly tied-up hairstyles may cause hair loss. If you don’t want to be bald because of your hairstyle, you should pay attention to the model you prefer. In our article, you can find all the details you wonder about the effects of hairstyles on hair loss.


Why Is Tightly Collected Hair Shed?

Putting up the hair tightly is preferred in many hairstyles. However, it should be remembered that this application causes a pulling force to be applied to the hair strands. Depending on this force, a condition called traction alopecia may occur. Traction alopecia is hair loss that occurs due to pulling force. It differs from autoimmune disorders and genetic conditions. This situation can be eliminated by removing the pulling force.

Traction alopecia is a type of discomfort that progresses slowly. However, it has some signs. First of all, there is pain and tenderness in the scalp. Also, irritation and headache of the scalp are other symptoms. If the situation in question is not eliminated, the hair becomes thinner first, and then large bald spots may appear on the head.

Traction alopecia usually occurs in people with Afro hair. The reason for this is that these people prefer braid and other tight models as their hairstyle. Therefore, it should be known that almost everyone who prefers hairstyles applying pulls to their hair strands may have the problem in question. The shortest way to get rid of this discomfort is to prefer looser models for the hair.

do not be bald because of your hairstyle

If the aforementioned discomfort problem is not solved in time, permanent bald will occur. The only option for complete treatment of permanent baldness is hair transplantation. It should be noted that PRP and similar treatments will not work if the hair follicles die completely. In this context, in order to completely eliminate the risk of traction alopecia, hairstyles without pulling forces are preferred.


Don’t Be Bald | Hairstyle Tips Suitable For Men with Hair Loss

It is known that the number of men who experience hair loss due to traction alopecia or other reasons is very high. It is very important for men in this condition to comb their remaining hair properly. With the right hairstyle, shedding and regional baldness can be hidden to a certain extent. Thus, some of the psychological and physiological effects of hair loss are eliminated.

Men whose hair is lost should prefer messy and folded cuts. Hair should not be cut, especially in areas that become sparse due to hair loss. Thus, it will be possible to make the sparse regions look in harmony with other regions.

If hair loss is on the sides, the hair in the middle should be allowed to grow. Thus, the hair on the top of the head can close the baldness by dropping down on the sides. There are many models that can be preferred at this point according to the face shape. After choosing one of these models, you should never forget that you should make the cuts accordingly.

If there is baldness or thinning on the top of the head, you can focus on messy and long hairstyles. Messy and long hair is effective in hiding bald and sparse areas to some extent. Sprays can be used to prevent such models from spoiling during the day.

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Don’t Be Bald | Hairstyle Tips Suitable for Women with Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss, men come to mind first. However, in the light of the information above, it should not be forgotten that women also experience hair loss. Hair loss in women generally does not result in baldness. It may cause a consequence such as hair which is more sparse, thinning and becoming lifeless. Women are more affected by hair loss because they are much more emotional and sensitive than men. Here, different hairstyles have been developed to eliminate these negative effects. With these hairstyles, it is possible to hide hair loss effectively. Thus, women are free from the negative effects of this situation in their daily lives.

Hair loss in women is generally due to traction alopecia or the change of hormones that occur after menopause. In such cases, how much hair loss will occur varies according to the measures that the person will take. In addition, it should not be forgotten that excessive stress causes shedding and the stress caused by hair loss should be dealt with.


Take Care of Your Hair Care

The most important thing to know in case of hair loss is that hair care shouldn’t be stopped. Some women stop taking care after hair loss. This can cause much worse results. Therefore, in case of hair loss, care should not be left, on the contrary, it should be done more carefully. At this point, the roots of the hair can be darker and the ends can be dyed lighter to hide the hair loss. Thus, the hair will have a much fuller look. Ombre and bagging style models will fulfill your expectations at this stage.

One of the first steps to take to hide hair loss is the right haircut. Especially layered haircuts will meet your expectations at this point. So you don’t need to shorten your hair. You can choose the ones that are suitable for you among the layered models. You can get help from hair oils and hair foam to style your hair.

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