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Elon Musk, who is one of the names world has been talking a lot about recently, has also attracted attention with the change in his appearance. Musk, who used to have sparse hair, was about to become completely bald. However, he suddenly showed up with hair and astonished us all. Although the reason for this change was a question, Musk did not make a statement. Does Elon Musk have a secret formula that he has been hiding from us? What is the reason for the big change in his hair?


What Was the Secret of Elon Musk’s Hair?

To understand the secret of Elon Musk’s hair, first of all, it is necessary to look at how his hair has changed. As Elon Musk’s history is full of successes, it is possible to find lots of photos of his past. When we look at his photos in the years he found PayPal, it is seen that his hair was seriously sparse.

Elon Musk Paypal

In his latter photos, openings in his temporal regions and beginning of baldness are apparent. As can be understood from these photos, Elon Musk has lost part of his hair. When we look at his present appearance, there is no single sign of baldness. How was such a change possible?

Elon Musk Hair

In fact, there isn’t a big secret about the change in Elon Musk’s hair. There is only one procedure that can provide such a change; hair transplantation. Yes, Elon Musk is one of the famous names who had hair transplantation. It is known that Musk had hair transplantation in a clinic in the U.S.A.

For hair transplantation, grafts from Elon Musk’s neck were collected and transferred to bald areas. There isn’t a clear statement about the number of grafts used in this procedure. However, specialists state that between 3000 and 5000 grafts were used.

It is known that the famous name paid tens of thousands of dollars for this procedure. Because hair transplantation in clinics located in the U.S.A is very expensive. Payment per graft is required. Depending on the technique used, 2-5 dollars are paid per graft. Driving from here, it can be said that the famous name spent a serious amount for hair transplantation.   

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Before and After of Elon Musk’s Hair

Although mentioned above briefly, the change in Elon Musk’s hair has to be examined in more detail. When we look at his hair in the past, it is seen that he had thin hair. His weak hair had a structure in a falling tendency. Hair loss was apparent starting with his adolescence. First, his hair started to become sparse, and then openings became visible in his temporal regions. If this situation had continued, he would have become completely bald.

There is an important issue that attracts attention when we look at the photos where Elon Musk’s hair was falling. Almost all of the hair loss of the famous name was at the upper regions of his head. Therefore, he hasn’t lost his hair on the sides. This situation has made Musk a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. Because there are enough hair follicles in his neck which is used as the donor area. Hair transplantation could be done thanks to this.

Elon Musk Before and After

Elon Musk Before and After


When we look at his appearance after the hair transplantation, it can be said that the procedure has been quite successful. The hair transplantation was done in accordance with his natural hair. During the transplantation, the grafts were transferred at a certain angle and a natural result came out. All the bald and sparse areas in the temporal and upper parts have been eliminated. It is obvious that the famous name, on the top of his career, has become even more charismatic with his new look.

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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation can be performed in clinics located in different parts of the world. It is extremely important to prefer high-quality clinics in this field. At this point, Turkey will appear as an option. Located in the south of the European Union, many clinics in Turkey perform hair transplantation. In these clinics, advanced techniques such as FUE and DHI are used. So, the results will certainly meet your requirements.

Turkey option can be seriously considered for hair transplantation. Because the service quality here is at the European and American standards. On the other hand, the amount to be paid is much lower.  For instance; the hair transplantation performed to Elon Musk could have been done at a much lower rate. Moreover, other details such as accommodation, transportation, and food are all included in this amount. All the arrangements for those who come from other countries or cities are made by the clinics.  Considering all of these points, it is understood that Turkey is an important option for hair transplantation.

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