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Drew Brees was a name that had suffered from hair loss for years and therefore had thinned hair. However, this situation was reversed just before it was announced that he was leaving the New Orleans Saints. Many NFL fans have noticed that Brees’ hair is no longer falling out, but has improved. After this stage, his hair started to attract attention instead of his talents.

43 year old Drew Brees seems to have more hair than in the past. Although he did not make any statement on the subject, the fans think that the famous actor had a hair transplant. According to some fans, this process took place in the summer of 2020.

So, did Drew Brees really get a hair transplant? How did his hair start to look at the end of 2021? What you are wondering is in the rest of our article.

Who Is Drew Brees?

Drew Brees is a National Football League (NFL) quarterback born in 1979.  Brees, an American football quarterback, retired after playing in the NFL for 20 seasons. He spent most of his career with the New Orleans Saints.

The famous playmaker, who received many awards and achieved different successes throughout his career, improved the 52-year record and managed to capture the consecutive games record with the touchdown pass held by Johnny Unitas.

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Drew Brees Hair Transplant Secret

In the video he published in July 2020, Brees’ hairline began to attract the attention of the fans. There were many comments about the new look of his hair in a short time. Later on, he published a few photos and generally preferred to hide a part of his hair in these photos.

In August of the same year, it was seen that the famous playmaker had his hair cut. This led to speculation that he had a bad haircut. However, some fans thought that this cut was a preparation for a hair transplant. This is how the secrets about Drew Brees hair transplantation began to emerge.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Drew Brees (@drewbrees)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi


How Drew Brees’ Hair Looks Like At The End Of 2021?

On September 9 Drew started to took place on the screens as an NBC football announcer for the first time. With his appearance on the screens, his new hair immediately attracted attention and this topic went viral. NFL fans started making lots of jokes and comments about his new hair. The most interesting of them was the one about the biggest comeback in his career with his hair.

Drew has only appeared on TV screens for a few weeks. In this process, his new hair attracted more attention than his comments about the game. Because he preferred a hairless style during his active sports career, his new style was very different to the audience. So it’s not really surprising that people make comments and jokes in this way.

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Did Drew Brees Really Get A Hair Transplant?

Although there are many speculations about Drew Brees’ hair, the famous actress prefers not to make a clear and satisfactory explanation about this issue. Despite this, according to many fans and experts, Drew Brees had a hair transplant. At least, it is stated that there are signs in this direction.


Drew Brees Hair Transplant Before & After

The fact that the famous player is constantly in front of the screens and being followed closely allows the changes in his hair to be examined through photographs. By examining the before and after photo below, you can decide for yourself whether the famous name has had a hair transplant.

Drew Brees Hair Transplant Before & After


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