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Steve Carell Hair Transplant? The famous American actor Steve Carell is a name that draws attention with his eye-catching hair despite his age. Although the famous actor does not have a serious baldness problem, there are rumors about the change in his hairline. While some of his fans think that there is no change, others think the famous actor had an operation. Fans have begun to wonder about the reason for this change. Has Steve Carell had hair transplantation? Is the reason for the change in the front hairline clear? Before and after photos of the famous name and much more are in our article.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant

Did Steve Carell Get Hair Transplant?

Actor and comedian Steve Carell has attracted attention for his voice in the Despicable Me series and his role in The Office. Every year, it is confirmed by the polls that he is one of the most loved comedians of America. He makes millions smile and he entertains them with the weird things he experiences.

The famous actor who does not usually remain on the agenda with his private life had a recent change which was immediately noticed by both critics and his fans, i.e. the change in his hairline.

While there had been clear openings in his front hairline in the first season of The Office series, this situation changed completely in the second season. Almost all the openings were gone. The most effective factor to provide this aesthetic appearance was undoubtedly hair transplantation.

Did Steve Carell Get Hair Transplant?

Image Source: Reddit

The producers have made different explanations regarding these claims. It was stated that such a procedure may have been done to make the character he portrayed in the series look less violent and to help him age more comfortably in the following seasons.

Not much detail was given about hair transplantation. However, it is thought that the FUE technique has been used for Steve Carell’s hair transplantation. This technique is a method that is also applied in the COSMETICIUM clinic and gives successful results.

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How Many Grafts Could Steve Carell Have Had in the Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplantation procedures, doctors collect the grafts one by one from the neck and side sections which are preferred as the donor area. Then they are transferred to the hairless area.

When Steve Carell’s photographs are examined, it is seen that his donor area is quite healthy. According to the previous photographs, it can be said that approximately 1000 grafts may be more than enough for the change in the hairless area. However, it should not be forgotten that this is only an estimate.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant -Before and After

The difference created by hair transplantation can easily be seen in Steve Carell’s photographs. While the front area is more open in his old photos, it is noticed that the opening is closed in his recent photos. You can check the photo below for Steve Carell before and after hair transplantation.

Although the famous actor does not directly say, many experts think that he certainly had a hair transplantation surgery. This is because it was impossible to restore the receding hairline using topical or non-surgical methods. Since such a change can only be possible with hair transplantation, his fans and critics think that he had hair transplantation.

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Steve Carell Hair Transplant

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