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You must all know about DHI, which is a new generation hair transplantation method. For those who do not know, let’s talk about it briefly. DHI is a type of hair transplantation that does not require canal opening for transplanting the grafts collected from your donor area to the hairless area. Thanks to the “DHI pens”, the grafts collected can be placed in these pens, and transplanting directly into the bald area can be performed. It has extra features such as faster recovery and denser hair transplantation compared to the FUE method. For more information about DHI, you can review this page. So, what is the VIP DHI service? What are its privileges? What are the differences from the normal procedure? Let’s start talking about some of them.

What is VIP DHI Hair Transplantation Service?

As you know, all hair operations in the world are performed by doctors and experienced special technical teams. The general procedure is like this in almost every clinic:

  • After the anesthesia phase, doctors determine the main lines and inform their team.
  • The technical team collects the grafts one by one and places them in the DHI pens.
  • The specially prepared DHI pens are used by the doctor for hair transplantation, and the procedure starts.

Although there is a very high success rate and no problem in conducting hair transplantation operations in this way, some candidates may only want a doctor to be present at all stages of the operation. At Cosmeticium, we wanted to meet such demands of our candidates after thousands of successful hair transplantation operations that we have performed in Istanbul for many years. So, the VIP DHI hair service came into being. This special treatment service is applied for the first time by Cosmeticium in Turkey.

What are the Privileges of VIP DHI Service?

As for the additional privileges of VIP DHI service, where only doctors will take part in every stage of your operation from A to Z:

  • VIP welcoming at the airport
  • All VIP transfers
  • Providing Free SIM card
  • 3 nights’ accommodation instead of 2
  • 5-star Conrad or Swiss hotel accommodation
  • 24/7 personal assistant
  • PRP Treatment
  • Private Istanbul tour
  • Free laser teeth whitening service (worth $475)
  • Free 6-month special hair care kit (worth $425)


At COSMETICIUM, we perform our hair transplantation operations only in hospitals certified by international medical associations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Thanks to our experienced staff consisting of surgeons who have completed the challenging training in cosmetic plastic surgery, we ensure that our patients leave our clinic satisfied with high success rates.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

To get the best results in the consultations we realize, we proceed with the most appropriate solutions for both the expectations and requirements of the candidates. The treatment planning after the consultation is completely planned by us following your schedule. Therefore, all you have to do is get on the plane and come to Istanbul and enjoy your treatment.

If you want to receive a privileged hair transplantation treatment, you can check our VIP DHI Hair Transplantation service page.


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