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Sagging in breasts is almost inevitable due to some factors, especially aging and gravity. Although the severity of sagging is not the same, it can be said that it is a common problem for all women. It is possible to fix sagging breasts with exercises and similar practices. It is a known fact that women postpone or relatively prevent sagging by applying these methods. So, what are the things to do to fix sagging breasts? How is a definitive solution provided? All are in our article.


1. Pushups and Chest Exercises for Sagging Breasts

One of the most effective ways to eliminate and prevent sagging in the breasts is to work the muscles in this area. You can significantly solve the problem of sagging by doing push-ups and similar chest movements regularly. However, never forget that you have to be a little patient for this.

When the breast structure is examined, it will be seen that a large part of it consists of fatty tissue. Therefore, the size of the mammary gland directly concerns the quality of breast firmness. If the breast skin becomes less elastic than it should be, or if the mammary gland grows or shrinks, such situations may result in sagging and deformities in the breast. Regular chest exercises will work the muscles in this area and prevent these problems.


2. Wearing a Right Size Bra

Wearing a large bra gives the impression of larger breasts when viewed from the outside. For this reason, some women prefer bras that are larger than their normal size. However, although large bras provide a plump appearance, they increase the sagging of the breasts. This situation has been scientifically proven. Therefore, bras of appropriate size should be preferred to avoid sagging and to reduce its effects. It can be said that this is one of the most effective methods to be used to fix sagging breasts.

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3. Cold Water Application

It is common knowledge that when cold water touches the human body, this area shrinks and becomes tight. Similar effects are seen if the same procedure is performed on the breasts. Many people think that this effect makes breasts smaller. However, this is not right. Coldwater application increases skin elasticity and removes sagging effects to a certain extent.


4. Jogging Regularly

Regular jogging helps to tighten the whole body. As a result, sagging of the breasts can also be significantly reduced. However, a supportive bra should be worn and breasts should be supported during jogging.

Jogging Regularly


5. Wearing a Bra Regularly

The bra is a factor that makes the breasts stand upright and less affected by gravity. Experts state that it can be effective to wear bras all the time to fix sagging breasts. However, it should not be forgotten that this method alone cannot be sufficient. For example, if you pay attention to only wearing a bra and not paying attention to other issues, the desired results may not be obtained.


Are These Recommendations the Definitive Solution to Fix Sagging Breasts?

If you have a healthy lifestyle, are protected from UV rays, and avoid smoking, and if you are careful about your diet, it can be said that these recommendations will give effective results. Besides, creams and lotions that reduce the aging effects on your skin can also give effective results. However, considering today’s living conditions, it is quite clear that it is very difficult to act according to natural life principles. Therefore, taking all these into account, the methods mentioned are of course effective for fixing sagging breasts. However, miracle results should not be expected. So, the effects here will be limited.


Breast Lifting Surgery to Fix Sagging Breasts

It shouldn’t be forgotten noted that the effect of the methods mentioned above will be limited. However, if you want a definitive solution, it can be said that the most logical option is breast lifting surgery. With this procedure, you can uplift your breasts as you wish, completely remove sagging and reshape them. After an operation that takes only 2-3 hours, you have the breasts as you desire.

Breast Uplift Procedure

In the breast lifting procedure, excess skin and tissues are removed. The nipple is repositioned. Thus, the breasts have an upright appearance even without a bra.

Specialist surgeons in the COSMETICIUM clinic solve such problems of many women every year. Thus, women’s aesthetic concerns come to an end and their life quality increases. If you are also looking for a definitive solution to fix sagging breasts, you can schedule a FREE online consultation with our experts and get more detailed information on the subject.