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Sagging of the breasts due to different reasons brings along some aesthetic concerns. It is known that the most effective solution to this problem is breast lifting. We have given you detailed information on the subject in our previous articles. However, when examined in more detail, it will be seen that this procedure has different types in itself. Today vertical mastopexy (lifting) is the most preferred one among these techniques. You can find detailed information about this procedure in the rest of our article.

How is the vertical mastopexy technique applied? Why is it more advantageous than other types? What are its outstanding advantages?


What is Vertical Mastopexy?

This procedure has been developed to improve the sagging breasts aesthetically. The saggings are eliminated and the breasts are reshaped to give them a younger appearance. Excess skin is removed and the areola is moved to an upper position depending on the situation. As a result of the procedure, the patients’ self-confidence is improved by having more upright breasts, and they can wear clothes such as bras and swimsuits more comfortably.

Aging affects the breasts as well as many parts of the body. Sagging of the breasts due to aging is called breast ptosis. The degree of sagging is not the same for everyone.

It may differ according to some factors such as smoking, body mass index, number of pregnancies, and weight gain and loss.

Vertical mastopexy is a suitable method for those with moderate to severe breast ptosis. The basis of this technique is the reshaping of the whole breast. This involves the removal of excess skins. These procedures are performed through small and hidden incisions as much as possible. Thus, at the end of the procedure, no scars are left on the visible surfaces of the breast area.

Vertical Mastopexy Procedure

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How is Vertical Mastopexy Technique Applied?

  • While vertical mastopexy is being applied, first an incision is formed around the areola. (After this stage, different procedures can be applied depending on the condition of the breasts)
  • Generally, the deep layer of the breast tissue is stitched together to shape the breast.
  • Then the areola is shifted to a higher position. The incision formed for these procedures is usually in the form of a lollipop. (Apart from the incision around the areola, there is also an incision that goes down from here to the lower part of the breast.)

These processes do not cause any shrinkage in the skin around the areola. When the breasts are checked immediately after the surgery, it will be seen that they are quite tight and flat. With the completion of the healing process, the breasts soften and thus take on a tight and natural appearance.


Who is Not Eligible for Vertical Mastopexy?

It can easily be said that one of the most effective techniques developed for sagging in women’s breasts is the vertical mastopexy. However, it is difficult to say that this particular technique is for every woman. It may not be a suitable method, especially for women with mild sagging. When this procedure is applied to these breasts, scars can cause undesirable consequences. Therefore, it would be a more logical choice for those with mild sagging to prefer a breast implant of appropriate size to obtain a perkier contour instead of vertical lifting.


Why is Vertical Mastopexy More Advantageous than Its Other Types?

Apart from vertical mastopexy, there are also different breast lifting techniques. However, vertical breast lifting has different advantages over these techniques. These advantages are generally as follows.

Why is Vertical Mastopexy More Advantageous than Its Other Types?


Advantages Compared to Benelli Lifting Technique

This method which is called circumferential lifting or ring lifting is generally suitable for women with mild sagging. Or, it is preferred in cases where there is a slight asymmetry in the breasts. After the application of the technique, it may cause shrinkage around the areola. Besides, if breast augmentation is not applied together with this technique, the characteristic appearance of the breast may deteriorate. This distortion is usually in the form of flattening on the upper part of the breast. The main reason for this flattening is that there is absolutely no intervention to the breast tissue. However, since the breast tissue is reshaped in vertical mastopexy application, such problems do not occur.


Advantages Compared to Anchor Lift Technique

This method which is called anchor lift and inverted T lift is the most invasive breast lifting procedure among all the procedures. It is mostly preferred when there are cases of very severe breast sagging and is applied together with breast reduction. Although this method provides effective results in severe sagging, it is known that the vertical mastopexy method gives better results at some newly developed points.

The inverted T lift procedure can result in a flatter breast image than desired. However, it can be said that the vertical mastopexy is superior to this method since it also keeps the outward shape of the breast.


Advantages Compared to Crescent Lift Technique

Crescent lift is the least invasive technique. On the other hand, it is known that this technique is the least preferred method. In the procedure, a small crescent-shaped incision is formed on the upper edge of the areola. Processes are performed through this incision. However, unless the breast augmentation procedure is applied together with the crescent lift, the desired result may not be obtained and deformity may occur in the nipple.

Why is Vertical Mastopexy More Advantageous than Its Other Types?



We can easily say that vertical mastopexy is one of the most effective methods to be preferred to eliminate moderate and severe breast sagging and to have natural and uplift breasts. However, to obtain the desired result from this procedure, a specialist surgeon should be preferred. Our surgeons at Cosmeticium have serious experience and expertise in this procedure. You can schedule a FREE  online consultation and get more detailed information on the subject from our experts to meet your expectations and have the breasts you want.