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Rising to great fame especially after 1980s, Gwen Stefani attracts attention recently with the change in her appearance. Experts and her fans claim that behind her appearance, some cosmetic procedure may exist. Well, is this the truth? Did Gwen Stefani get an aesthetic operation? Let us find the answer to this question together.


Who Is Gwen Stefani?

Being accepted as one of the most important names in music world, Gwen Stefani has become a music icon since late 1980s. As No Doubt’s soloist, she has an amazing career. Already released several singles, Gwen Stefani is famous not only in America but in all around the world. Gwen Stefani, mother of 3, has fans from all parts of the world. We said “mother of 3”, and this may sound unbelievable when her amazing appearance is considered, but this is the truth! Additionally, she is 52 years old.

When short information about Gwen Stefani’s career and life is considered, it can easily be realized that there is an inconsistency between her appearance and her life. This situation makes claims stating that she benefited from cosmetic procedures a current issue.

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Amazing Change of Gwen Stefani

If you are a music icon like Gwen Stefani and you have millions of fans, you should know that even the slightest change in your appearance won’t drop beneath the radar. When you examine the photographs of this celebrity, whom has been constantly in media’s radar since 1980s, you will notice the change shortly. You will realized that in her old photographs, she had a rounder face, straight nose and different lips.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery via Sozcu

As people age, their appearances change in negative way. However, this rule of life didn’t apply for Gwen Stefani. As years pass, appearance of the famous singer has become more beautiful. As the most attention-grabbing change, her features, which has become more clear-cut, can be stated. It can also be expressed that all wrinkles and saggy skin on her face are gone. So, reasoning that questions these changes always end up at aesthetic operations.

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Did Gwen Stefani Get Aesthetic Surgery?

Gwen Stefani has never made a statement admitting that she had aesthetic operations. However, if you are always in front of the media, expert opinions may make some facts come to light although you say nothing.

Experts who examined her recent Instagram posts claim that she had the following aesthetic operations:

It is claimed that with these procedures, she obtained her current look. When her face is examined, it is clear that there is no sign of aging at all. If this is not a gift to her from the God, then it is probably because of the above mentioned aesthetic procedures.

Gwen Stefani never made a confirmatory statement about aesthetic procedures. Information given below are just opinions and guesses by experts. Yet, you should know that many experts think this way.

Gwen Stefani

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Are Gwen Stefani’s Fans Happy With The Change?

Even her fans, who defend and support her on each and every platform, think that aesthetic procedures are the reason behind her change.

It is very difficult to say that her fans have common comments about her appearance. Some fans state that her new look suits well on her and it is very good. Some, on the contrary, say that her new look is not good and they just can’t understand why she had her face filled with filling material. In fact, they express that they miss the old Gwen, who has the aura of a powerful woman.

When expert opinions are reviewed, it is clear that Gwen Stefani looks awesome. Mentioned change is about her own ideas and desires. Therefore, it has to be respected. We will continue seeing this beautiful singer, who challenges aging with her new look, on stage for long years.