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Floyd Mayweather, has fought in boxing rings without hair for most of his career. It was thought that he preferred such an image because he shaved his hair or was bald. However, the new image of the successful name of the rings with hair and beard confused his fans. His fans speculate that the famous boxer had a hair transplant. So, did Floyd Mayweather really have a hair transplant?

Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Although he is not shown as the greatest of all time, Floyd Mayweather is considered by everyone to be a very successful boxer with his 50-0 record. The famous name, who started his career in 1996, displayed a very successful graphic. He managed to beat Genaro Hernandez in 1998 after winning a few easy matches under his father’s coaching. This victory also brought him the WBC Super Lightweight Belt, his first world title.

By 2000, he managed to win the respect of the boxing world. It was during this period that he began to be predicted that he would become one of the greatest names of all time. During this period, he moved from lightweight to middleweight. He won the WBC Lightweight in 2002, the WBC Superlightweight in 2005, and the IBO, IBF, WBC, and IBA Heavyweight in 2006. He defeated Oscar De La to win the WBC Super Heavyweight title in 2007.

He earned high figures of money for his achievements. He became one of the highest paid Americans, earning more than 60 million dollars. Floyd Mayweather, who retired after these epic successes, began to appear on the screens in TV shows.

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Did Floyd Mayweather Really Get A Hair Transplant?

Although the famous name did not reveal that he had a hair transplant, his fans and experts are sure that the famous boxer had a hair transplant. It was noticed that the famous name, who shaved his hair throughout his career, had sparse hair. In the 2000s, the reason for the new image of the famous boxer, who was completely bald, is thought to be hair transplantation. In his Instagram live streams, fans were making comments about his unnatural hair growth.

It is estimated that the famous name wanted to have a hair transplant throughout his career. However, it is thought that he could not have such a procedure while he was an active athlete, since the grafts should be carefully looked after. After his retirement, it is claimed that the famous boxer had a hair transplant in order to have the hair of his dreams.

When Floyd Mayweather’s hair transplantation is examined, it is accepted by everyone that the results are excellent. It is thought that the DHI technique is used for such excellent results. DHI, the newest technique developed for hair transplantation, provides faster recovery and denser hair.

When all these are evaluated together, it is thought that the famous boxer had a hair transplant. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that he still doesn’t have a clear explanation on this subject.

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The First Competition With New Hair: Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring on June 6, 2021 against Youtube star Logan Paul. Logan Paul was not a serious competitor for the famous boxer who stayed in the ring with his long hair. Although Paul deserves credit for staying in the ring for 24 minutes It looked like a boring match for Floyd.

The match, which was a show match, ended in a draw. No jurors took part in the match. Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather says he will be in the ring with Logan Paul again. Many people are already looking forward to this match.

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The famous boxer gained a completely different appearance after hair transplantation. He is almost rejuvenated and his popularity has increased with his new appearance. Floyd Mayweather’s hair transplantation, which is estimated to be done with the DHI technique, brought out an excellent result.

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