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Do you want your body lines to be like an hourglass? If you are unable to reach your dream body shape with diet and exercise, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure may help you. So, is BBL effective at creating an hourglass shape? Which BBL type should be performed for hourglass-shaped buttocks?

What is BBL In Short?

BBL is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures today. In this procedure, fat taken from different parts of your body is used to shape your buttocks.

Fats are usually removed from areas such as thighs, love handles, back, and abdomen by liposuction. Then, the collected fat is injected into different parts of the buttocks to shape it as you wish.

Shaping the buttocks with the natural fat taken from you ensures that the result is natural. Besides, provided that you do not experience serious weight fluctuations, the results will be permanent.

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Can BBL Really Give Your Body an Hourglass Shape?

While BBL makes it possible for the patients to have the buttocks of their dreams, they also see the benefits of liposuction performed in the first stage of the procedure. Two different changes experienced in the bodies of the patients can lead to thin waist curves and full buttocks. BBL can thus create an hourglass shape. Moreover, all these can be achieved with only a single operation.

Which BBL Type Should Be Applied for an Hourglass Shaped Buttocks?

While BBL fixes different parts of the body, it also adds volume to the buttocks. Therefore, it allows patients to benefit from two different procedures with a single operation. This procedure, which effectively meets the expectations of the patients, has different types. You can choose the suitable one depending on what body shape you desire. The details of the BBL type to be preferred for an hourglass-shaped body are as follows:

Heart or A-Shaped BBL

A heart or A-shaped buttocks is considered one of the types that women want to have. Those with naturally A-shaped buttocks often have traditional hourglass-shaped bodies. This figure emerges thanks to the wide and full buttocks and a thin waist.

BBL Hourglass Shape

Many candidates expect heart-shaped buttocks from BBL. Besides, those who naturally have heart-shaped buttocks prefer this procedure as they can improve it further with BBL.

Heart-shaped buttocks are the most suitable option for those who want their bodies to have the shape of an hourglass figure. In this option, soft folds and high volume on the buttocks stand out. The heart-shaped buttocks will be narrow at the waist and wider along the hips. If you naturally have such buttocks, BBL will increase their volume and make them appear more upright.


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BBL can make it possible for you to have the hourglass figure of your dreams. However, this procedure should be performed by experienced and expert surgeons. Specialist doctors working at COSMETICIUM stand out with their experience in BBL and high success rates.

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Your current physical appearance is considered in detail and planning is made for the BBL hourglass shape. With the detailed and right planning, patients leave our clinic with the body of their dreams. If you want to have an hourglass-like body, you can contact us right away.


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