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You can have a great butt with Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). However, in order to get a successful surgical result, you must sleep in correct positions for a while after the operation. If you sleep in a wrong position, performed procedure can be affected and the BBL results may not be as desired. In order to avoid such a problem, you should know which sleeping positions are correct and which are not. How should be your sleep after BBL? Which sleeping positions are correct and which are wrong? All details are in our article.

sleep after bbl

When Can I Sleep on My Back After BBL?

Immediately after the operation, it is not convenient to get a position that puts pressure on your butt directly. So, you should not sit or lie down on your butt. For this, you must lie down on your stomach.  At first it may seem difficult to sleep in these positions, but you need to do this for the success of BBL results.

Sleeping in a position that causes pressure on your butt will cause pressure to occur in this area. This pressure can affect blood flow negatively. As a result of this, there will occur some problems in these fat cells which were transferred to your butt. If you want to have marvelous butt as a result of the BBL operation, you should not take such risks for at least 4-8 weeks.


Wrong Sleeping Positions After BBL Surgical Operation

Sleeping positions after BBL can affect the surgery results negatively. Therefore, sleeping positions mentioned below are considered as wrong. Patients are asked not to prefer them. Here are the wrong sleeping positions and information about them:

Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on Your Side after BBL

Looking at some sources, it will be seen that one of the recommended sleeping positions for BBL is sleeping on your side. However, this sleeping position also has some risks. While shaping the butt with BBL, fat can be injected into the lateral areas of your butt. Therefore, it is necessary not to lie down on your side. Otherwise, pressure may be put on this area and blood flow can be affected negatively.

Sleeping Face up

Sleeping Face up

One of the wrong sleeping positions after BBL is to lie down face up. When you lie down in face up position, you feel direct pressure on your butt.  This is one of the biggest problems to be experienced right after a BBL procedure. During this period, you should not sleep face up for an average of 2 months and follow your doctor’s instructions completely.

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Correct Sleeping Positions After BBL Surgical Operations

Sleeping positions after BBL are extremely important for patients. Patients should choose correct sleeping positions. These positions can generally be listed as follows:

Using a BBL Pillow for Sleeping

You can use a bbl pillow for sleeping better. These specially developed bbl pillows are placed under thighs, effective in removing the pressure on the butt area completely. Similarly, you can use regular pillows in the same way. However, when you put your normal pillows under your thighs, you should make sure that it completely removes the pressure on your butt.

Sleeping by Fitting Butt in Between Two Seats by Supporting It With a Pillow

The basis of sleeping positions after BBL is not to put pressure on your butt. One of the positions to ensure this is sleeping in a position that your butt is fitted between two seats. When it is viewed from outside, it looks like an abnormal position, but it is extremely effective as it completely eliminates the pressure on your butt.  For this position, bring two seats in your house side by side and leave 30-40 cm (as your butt can fit) space between them. Then you can lie down with your butt in this space.

Sleeping Facedown

One of the most reliable sleeping positions after BBL is facedown sleeping. You may not be used to sleep on your stomach, but you should stand it for a while. There will be no pressure on your butt while you are sleeping facedown. This is very important for the BBL procedure’s success.

You can put a small pillow on your abdominal region while you lie face down. Thus, your spine stays in a neutral position and this position does not affect your spine negatively.  In addition to this, you can place pillows on your side areas, so that you cannot turn around during your sleep.

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Does Sleeping on Your Stomach Make Your Bum Bigger?

Sleeping on your stomach does not cause any change in the shape of your bum. You can prefer the most suitable sleeping position for yourself among the ones suggested by your doctor after BBL. Because, a sleeping position with which you feel comfortable will provide a good sleep to you. A good sleep will make it possible for your muscles to soften and make you feel more relaxed. As a result, no matter which sleeping position, you can’t make your bum bigger this way.

sleep after bbl

When to Wear Stage 2 Faja After BBL?

Faja is a compression garment worn after BBL procedure. It is used to support lower tissue that becomes softer. It is an important stage in the recovery process.

Stage 1 faja is a low-compression garment and it is flexible as tights. It should be worn for approximately 2 weeks after drains are removed. 

To provide recovery better, stage 2 faja is not flexible but tighter. After two weeks of stage 1 faja use, stage 2 faja should be used for approximately 8-12 weeks.

Stage 2 faja should be used 23 hours a day and should be taken off only during bath time. Therefore, keeping a spare faja is important not to miss timing.


What You Can Do for a Comfortable Sleep After BBL

It can be very difficult to get used to new sleeping positions. Even, these positions can be challenging for you. At this point, there are simple details you can do to have a good sleep. Under favor of these, you can bring your sleep quality after BBL procedure to a better level. The highlights of these are as follows:

Using of Extra Comfortable Pillow

Sleeping positions that you will prefer after your surgery can cause pain in your body. One of the simplest ways to prevent this and improve sleep quality is using extra pillows. You can buy face pillows for your new sleeping positions. With this pillow, your face, shoulder and neck will be very relaxed. In this way, as you prevent possible pain, you will increase your sleep quality a little.

Massage Sets

It is difficult to say that sleeping positions after BBL are comfortable. Moreover, considering that this process will take 6-8 weeks, it can be said that it would be a logical choice to go for massage sets. Massage sets give you a comfortable sleep with its adjustable headrest, bed adapter, luxury face pillow, and other elements. Massage kits have convenient structures for all beds and are recommended by doctors. If you have decided to use massage sets, placing them on your bed before surgery will help you to get over the process easily.


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