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If you want to have more curvy and attractive butt, then you should have a look at BBL fat transfer procedure. With this technique, you can have a curvier butt with more apparent contours. Being one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures in today’s world, BBL is done by using fat extracted from patient’s body with liposuction. This way, any kind of allergic reaction is prevented and fully-natural look is obtained. In our article, you will be able to find answers to all your questions regarding this topic.

From which body part is the fat extracted and then used in BBL fat transfer? In order to get the best out of the procedure, what are the things a patient needs to do?


What Is The Source of Fat Used in BBL Fat Transfer?

It can be said that the fundamental factor for success of a BBL fat transfer procedure is the fat that is used in the procedure. Fat that will be used in this procedure is extracted from different parts of patient’s body. To do so, liposuction method is used.

First of all, the way how butt will be shaped is planned. Afterwards, the amount of fat required is calculated. Then, fat is extracted via liposuction from:

  • Thighs,
  • Abdominal region,
  • Upper arm

Extracted fat is purified via a special treatment and then injected into butt. Injected fat content is distributed among the area by massaging. During this procedure, it is crucial to have a blood source around the injected fat. This way, permanence of injected fat is ensured.

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Benefits of BBL Fat Transfer

With BBL, you obtain fully natural and beautiful butt. It feels like natural butt when you touch it or it looks totally natural when you look at it. Besides, in general, benefits of BBL fat transfer procedure can be listed as below:

Brazilian Butt Lift

Slim Waist

Having a slim waist will make your butt look more beautiful and more attractive. Thanks to the fat content extracted with liposuction from your waist for BBL procedure, slimming occurs around your waist.

More Attractive Appearance

Bodies without apparent curves will look like a box. BBL prevents your body to look like a box and provide attractive curves to your body.

Eye Catching Curves

Reshaping your butt as well as your body due to fat transfer will provide you eye catching curves. Shortly, in spite of the fact that your butt is the focus during BBL fat transfer, reshaping is provided for your whole body.

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Suitable Candidates for BBL Fat Transfer

BBL fat transfer is a procedure developed for candidates who want to have round and voluminous butt. It is a unique solution for anyone who wants to have more good-looking butt as well as who experiences self-confidence problems due to the way his/her butt looks. For any candidate who wants to get this procedure, there are some conditions that should be valid for that person. These can be listed as below:

  • Existence of enough fat content in different parts of body to be injected into butt region
  • Body mass index equal to or lower than 32
  • Being between ages 18 and 55
  • Having hemoglobin level equal to or more than 12
  • Having no health problem that prevents liposuction and fat injection

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery by Fat Transfer


Application Steps for BBL Fat Transfer

BBL procedure takes 2-4 hours on average. After the procedure, it may not be OK for you to leave the clinic alone. Therefore, it would be good to have someone from your friends or family as your companion. BBL is a surgical operation and there are some steps. General information regarding these steps are below:

1) Consultation

At this stage, it is decided if you are a suitable candidate for BBL fat transfer or not. Later, your expectations from this procedure are discussed and the potential extent of meeting your requirements is discussed with you. Furthermore, keeping your expectations at a reasonable and realistic level is ensured. At this point, you can ask all your questions to your doctor.

2) Anesthesia

BBL is generally performed under general anesthesia. This way, you don’t feel any pain and you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

3) Fat Extraction with Liposuction

Fat content that will be used is obtained from different body parts with liposuction. To do so, very small incisions are made on respective areas. Then, with cannula placed through the incisions, fat is extracted.

4) Fat Purification

Extracted fat can’t be used directly. Before being used, fat is purified and its volume is increased.

5) Fat Injection

Fat, of which volume is increased, is injected into specific regions into butt area. During this step, desired butt shape is also considered. Moreover, injection point is selected to be close to a blood source so that fat cells can nourish. Injected fat is distributed specific regions by massaging and this way, butt is reshaped as desired.

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What To Do To Get The Best Result In BBL Fat Transfer?

In order to get the best result in BBL fat transfer procedure, you need to prefer an expert surgeon as well as a clinic that has medical competence. Yet, don’t forget that these two only will not be enough. Daily routines before and after the operation will directly affect the success of BBL procedure. At this point, in order to get the best result, there are some important points, which can be found below:

Right Nutrition

You have to pay attention the way your nutrition is after the procedure. You need to consume healthy foods and you need to get the minerals and vitamins that your body needs. After BBL fat transfer procedure, you need to stay away from unhealthy foods and you shouldn’t consume them.


Smoking not only harms your overall health but also slows down your blood flow. This means lower amount of nutriment and oxygen transfer within your body. Such a condition will cause longer recovery time and insufficient nourishment for the injected fat cells. When all these are considered together, you may not have the desired butt after BBL fat transfer if you smoke.

Can I Sit Right After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Sitting On Your Butt

In order for the injected fat not to change its place and fat cells not to get damaged, don’t sit on your butt for some time. This period is generally 3-4 weeks. During this time, you can use special BBL pillow or some other products that your doctor will suggest. With such products, the pressure on your butt will be zero.

Not to Drive

Since you will not be able to sit on your butt for a while, this will make you disable to drive as well. You have to make a plan accordingly for 6-8 weeks on average without driving.

Water Consumption

After the procedure, consume plenty of water. Pay attention to meet your body’s water requirement. During this time, you can add some Himalayan salt into your water and get some portion of minerals that your body needs.

Sleeping In The Right Position

Pay attention to sleep on your side after BBL fat transfer. In order to prevent rolling during your sleep, place pillows on your sides. Don’t forget that you need to sleep on your side for 2 months on average.


In order to enhance recovery, you need to start exercising sometime after the procedure. However, especially in the first two months, you have to stay away from any exercise that pushes butt region hard so that you won’t burn the fat cells. You can read our article about not suggested exercises after BBL here. During this period, you can go on a walk. You can get necessary information regarding the exercises that you are allowed to perform from your doctor. Act according to your doctor’s suggestions.

Choosing The Right Clothing

After the operation, choose wearing loose clothes. Tight clothes may cause freshly injected fat content to be squeezed, which is surely undesired. If you pay attention to all these things, your recovery period will take shorter time and the success rate of the operation will increase.

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