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Hair fibers are products that adhere to the scalp and hair strands. Fibers produced from the protein called keratin, which is in the natural structure of the hair, are used to add volume to the bald areas and to thicken the hair strands. It has different types such as wool, cotton, keratin, and synthetic. So, do these products, which are used extensively today, have any side effects?

What are the side effects of hair fibers and products you should avoid? Which chemicals contained in the products can cause serious risks, including coma?

Hair Fibers Side Effects

Hair fibers have effects such as providing a natural appearance and eliminating various problems. Therefore, they are extensively used today. However, apart from the positive effects, there are also undesirable side effects. The side effects of hair fibers are especially related to the substances they contain.

You should avoid fibers containing substances you are allergic to. As these products contact your skin directly, allergic reactions may be inevitable. Besides, if you are using the related products for the first time, keep in mind that they may cause stains on your clothes and bedding. Apart from these, they are easily affected by factors such as moisture, sweat, and oil. You should also consider this point when using.

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Components and Serious Risks

Coming back to the side effects, some fibers are known to contain filament components. In filament components, there is a substance called ammonium chloride. This substance can cause serious side effects in some people. These side effects are not as simple as it seems.

Mild Side Effects Serious Risks
Allergic reactions Allergic reactions such as asthma
Itching Irregular breathing
Skin irritation Irregularity in heart rhythm
Respiratory system irritation
Eye and skin irritation

These side effects may seem rare to you. However, studies point out that these effects may be seen depending on the amount of ammonium chloride taken in the body.

Here, the frequency you use fibers, how much you apply, whether there is a different source of ammonium chloride in the foods you consume are effective. Besides, individual sensitivity is extremely important.

* The side effects of hair fibers may not be seen in the same way for everyone, but there is this risk that can sometimes be serious. So much so that even life-threatening situations such as coma may be experienced at the end of the process. Therefore, only use the products your doctor recommends!

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Do Hair Fibers Affect Hair Growth Negatively?

No! The hair fibers are too large to block and fit in the follicles. Thus, they can’t have any adverse effect on growth. Besides, the high-quality fibers do not settle on the scalp and instead adhere to the hair strands one by one and perform their functions.

Fibers neither adversely affect hair growth nor do they encourage it. They do not have a positive or negative effect here. They are only used to hide the sparse areas and to make the relevant area look more intense.

Thickening fibers produced from cotton have higher adhesion ability. Because of this, they adhere better and gather much less on the scalp.

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Do Hair Fibers Leave Stain Where They Contact?

A significant portion of the tested keratin brands caused staining of the fabrics despite being washed. The main reason for this is the low colorfastness. In other words, the durability of colors against external factors is not at a sufficient level. As far as the scalp is concerned, it has been found that the fibers cause coloration of the scalp when in contact with moisture. In cotton fibers, on the other hand, these problems are less common.

Staining, which is among the side effects of hair fibers, is not valid for every brand. These problems in the products of reliable and well-known brands are rare. However, before purchasing the relevant products, it would be useful to ask the seller for information on staining.

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Keratin and topical fibers are products that are used extensively today and provide effective solutions to sparse areas. However, the fact that keratin and topical hair fibers have side effects, and that they are temporary solutions, and need to be used every day are important disadvantages. You can examine the hair transplantation procedure to get rid of these disadvantages and regain your natural appearance.

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With hair transplantation, you can get a permanent solution and leave these problems completely behind. For more detailed information, you can contact us and talk to our specialist doctors.


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