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There are different techniques to be used for hair transplantation. Shaving before some of these techniques is a necessity. For the success of these procedure, hair must be cut and shortened up to a certain point. In some, hair transplantation without shaving is possible. Well, in which technique it is not necessary to shave? Is the success rate high in case of shaving? All the details are in our article.

Primary Reasons to Avoid Shaving

While shortening hair is a very simple and perhaps trivial process for some, it may be the opposite for others. Those who have been using the same style for a long time generally try to avoid the idea of shortening hair and may start looking for alternative ways.

For a woman with long hair, shortening her hair before such an operation can be a significant problem. Because it will take months for a woman to return to her old appearance due to shaving done before such a surgery.

A similar situation may apply to men as well. Even if you have a short hair style, you will lose your style for a few weeks due to shaving.

People who care excessively about their hair tend to avoid hair transplantation due to such situations.

Advanced Hair Transplant Procedures FUE and DHI

Today, there are different techniques used for hair transplantation. However, two of them are featured. In FUE technique, which is one of the prominent techniques, grafts are collected one by one from donor area, thus preventing any scarring in donor area. Then, channels are opened in bald areas and cleaned grafts are placed in these channels.

In DHI technique, however, grafts are collected one by one. Cleaned grafts are placed in a special pen. It is transferred into bald area by using relevant pens without opening any channel.

The difference between DHI method and FUE is that there is no need for grooving since grafts are implanted directly through the pen.

Is A Hair Transplant Possible without Shaving Head?

Definitely yes. Hair transplantation without shaving is now a possible procedure. In FUE technique, which is one of the prominent techniques today, a part of hair must be shaved first. This is very important for procedure success.

There is no such requirement in DHI technique. It can also be done without shortening hair. Not shaving hair before this procedure does not adversely affect related success rate. Moreover, since there is no need for extra channel opening process in DHI method, recovery time is shorter.

No Shaving Required in DHI Hair Transplant

In DHI method, which is the most advanced hair transplant method as of 2022, there is no need for shaving. This method, known as hair transplantation without shaving, is getting more prominent every day due to its other advantages.

The success rate of this technique, which can be applied by expert and experienced surgeons, is higher than other techniques. It also has different advantages.

DHI Hair Transplant Features

The features and advantages of this recently developed DHI technique can be listed as follows:

  • Personal and disposable pen tips are used.
  • Application is painless. Also, bleeding risk is very low.
  • Success rate is higher.
  • After the procedure, a much voluminous hair appearance is obtained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the questions about hair transplantation without shaving are not limited with these. For this reason, we’ve compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions for you:

When can I shave my hair after hair transplantation?

After the operation performed with FUE technique, you must wait at least 1 month to shave. At this point, you should act according to your surgeon's instructions. Shaving machines, clippers and trimmers are generally safe in donor and grafted areas.

How many days does it take for transplanted grafts to settle?

It usually takes 14 days for transplanted grafts to fully fit into scalp. Careful precautions taken at this point are extremely important.

When can I return to my office?

Generally, you can return to work the day after your surgery, provided that you follow your doctor's instructions. You can even go on vacation a week later if all is well.

When can I see the final results?

You will start to see results 3-4 months after this procedure. However, you need to wait an average of 6-12 months for definitive results.

How much does DHI hair transplantation without shaving cost at your clinic?

Each candidate is special and has unique characteristics. Therefore, procedures to be followed and related cost figures to be incurred will be different. Therefore, it would not be correct to talk about a clear figure at this point.

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DHI technique can be expressed as the best technique of today with its features and advantages. Having a transaction success rate of over 95% ensures that candidates get the result they want.

DHI, also known as hair transplantation without shaving, is successfully applied by experienced and expert surgeons within Cosmeticium. Our patients from different parts of the world leave our clinic happily, thanks to this technique. If you want to have hair transplantation without shaving, you can contact us for DHI technique and other issues on the subject.


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