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Hair transplantation, which is the most effective and permanent solution to hair loss today, is an intensely preferred method. However, some people stay away from the treatment with the suspicion that it might be painful. So, is hair transplantation a painful procedure? In which areas can this pain be felt? How is the operation performed without pain?

How Painful is a Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Applying a local anesthetic to the scalp before the procedure is an important sign that it is somewhat painful.

On the other hand, after this local anesthesia, it is not possible for the patients to feel any pain. The only pain that will be felt here is during the first injection. After anesthesia, no pain is felt on the scalp.

People’s pain thresholds vary. Therefore, some may feel mild pain, while others do not feel any pain. Therefore, the answer to the question of how painful hair transplantation is varies from person to person. However, it can be said that in general there will be no major problem.

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Local Anesthesia Injection Stage

In the first step of the operation, local anesthesia injections are applied to your scalp by your surgeon. These are very small injections and are performed using a needle that is almost as thin as your hair.

Although the needles are quite small, surgeons try to do their best. They use a special device on your skin so that your brain receives as few pain signals as possible. Thanks to this device, the pain caused by anesthesia injections is reduced. Thus, you pass the relevant stage with minimum pain. After that, you will not feel any pain as your scalp will be completely numb.

[vc_toggle title=”Needle-Free Injection Technology” color=”peacoc” custom_font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left|color:%2308a5aa” custom_google_fonts=”font_family:Anton%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal” custom_css_animation=”fadeInDown” use_custom_heading=”true”]Needle-Free injection technology is a very special method that allows local anesthesia without a needle and pain. Thanks to this technology that we use in our clinic at Cosmeticium, you do not have to suffer from local anesthesia injection pain. After the procedure, local anesthesia has been applied to your scalp and the other stages of hair transplantation can be passed without any problems.[/vc_toggle]

Donor Area Pain after Hair Transplantation

The area where the grafts are collected for hair transplantation is called the donor area. Usually, the back of the head is chosen as the donor area. The main reason for this is that the grafts in the area between the ears, sides, and neck are more resistant to falling.

If there is not enough graft in this area, different parts of the body can be checked. Body hair such as the chest, back, and beard can be used for hair transplantation.

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Is Donor Area Pain Normal After Hair Transplantation?

It is considered normal to feel mild pain in the donor area after the operation. This pain and possible accompanying discomfort will disappear within a few days.

If the donor area pain is annoying after hair transplantation, prescribed painkillers can be used. Thus, the resulting pain will be taken under control.

After the operation, approximately 98% of the patients do not have any pain complaints. 2% of them are people with special sensitivities. Most of our patients do not even need to use painkillers after the operation.

Since the donor area is not as sensitive as the transplanted area, the crusts caused by the wounds usually fall off within 6-8 days. After this process, the hair grows and thus the related area gains its old appearance to a large extent.

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Is the Recovery Period Painful?

It is very normal to feel mild pain after the hair transplantation. Most of the time, these pains are not annoying. Besides, the severity differs from person to person. In the end, since everyone’s pain threshold is different, the level of pain to be felt will also be different. Besides, factors such as the technique used during the procedure and the number of transplanted grafts are also effective here.

While the pain lasts for an average of 3-4 days in hair transplantation performed with the FUE technique, it lasts for 1-2 days in the procedures performed with the DHI technique. The advantage of the DHI technique is that no extra canals are opened in the hairless area and the procedure is done directly with special pens.

The pain experienced after hair transplantation should be mild. If there is severe and prolonged pain, a different underlying cause should be considered. In such cases, you should directly contact your surgeon.

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Painless Hair Transplantation with Cosmeticium

In general, hair transplantation is a procedure that is not very painful. No pain is felt after local anesthesia. There may be mild pain during the injections applied for local anesthesia and the recovery period. These are considered normal.

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When you choose the Cosmeticium clinic, you will not feel any pain even during local anesthesia thanks to the needle-free injection technology to be applied. You can contact us for more detailed information on the subject.


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