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Synthetic hair transplantation, which is one of the methods developed for hair loss, is being wandered more and more every day. We have compiled the matters of interest points about this method, which is quite different from normal methods and also known as biofibre hair implant. Is synthetic hair transplantation permanent? Is it safe? What are the risks? Who should prefer? What are the differences compared to normal hair transplantation? All the details are in our article.

Procedure Overview

Synthetic hair transplantation is applied by doctors who have experience and expertise in this field, by using special devices. Synthetic hair, which is produced from artificial fibre and is biocompatible, has a stronger and more durable structure compared to natural ones. There is a knot at the end of each of these artificial strands. It is placed one by one on anesthetized scalp with a special implanter device. These knots also hook into the fascia of scalp.

The procedure described here consists of an outpatient procedure. It is a mild surgery and a patient can continue his/her daily life immediately after this operation.

Biocompatible artificial hair comes in different lengths (between 16-45 cm), shapes (wavy, curly, straight) and hues (21 different colors). These generally give an appearance close to natural hair and cannot be easily distinguished from natural ones. It can be washed and brushed like natural hair. However, shampoos and care products specially developed for these should be used.

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Is Synthetic Hair Transplant Permanent?

After surgery, it is necessary be sensitive with scalp and transplanted synthetic hair for 4-5 days. Result of this process retrogresses between 10% and 20% each year. However, since each person has a unique structure, the rate here may differ from person to person. As a result, it is not permanent. It must be renewed periodically.

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How Long Does Synthetic Hair Transplant Last?

It is generally a preferred method for candidates for whom traditional methods cannot be applied. Within the scope of this procedure, an average of 5000 hair strands are transplanted to a candidate. The application takes approximately 4-6 hours.

Eligible Candidates

Biofibre hair implant is applied only to candidates who are suitable for the procedure. Qualifications that suitable candidates should have for this procedure can be listed as follows:

  • Limited number of grafts in donor area or complete baldness in donor area
  • Bald area on scalp should be very large or completely bald
  • Traditional hair transplantation methods are not preferred (In the traditional method, it is not desired to wait for months for results or results are desired to be seen immediately)
  • Not having scalp conditions, sensitivity, asthma, heart diseases, HIV, hepatitis, high blood pressure, hypertension and autoimmune diseases

Candidates who meet the conditions listed here are considered suitable candidates for synthetic hair transplant procedure.

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Pros & Cons of Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic hair transplantation has some advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider these before deciding regarding the procedure so that there is no regret later.

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  • Results are seen immediately after the operation.
  • There is no recovery time required and there is no need to wait for it.
  • A donor site is not needed to obtain follicles. Specially produced fibres that look like real hair are transplanted.
  • It draws attention as a quick and painless procedure in general.
  • Cost is more affordable than traditional methods because it does not require extraction.
  • It provides a natural appearance and when looked, it is not noticed that the person has artificial hair.
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  • Body may reject the biofibres transferred to scalp after the procedure. As a result, conditions such as itching and inflammation may occur.
  • It is not a procedure with permanent results. According to people’s conditions and care applied, biofibres decrease by 10-20% on average every year. Therefore, it may be necessary to replant the lost ones.
  • Swelling may occur in relevant area after the operation. This is usually not permanent.
  • Shampoo and care products specially developed to protect biofibres should be used regularly.
  • Infection and scarring may occur in implanted area.
  • After the procedure, sebum formation begins to occur on scalp. Accordingly, scalp needs to be cleaned regularly. Failure to clean oil called sebum on scalp is a factor that increases hair loss risk and infection.
  • Bleeding is rare and such bleeding may last for several hours.

Is Synthetic Hair Safe?

Biofibre hair implant is considered safe when performed by a board-certified, experienced and trained plastic surgeon who is an expert in this field. People’s recovery and physical responses vary. In addition, as with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection.

In the procedure, artificial hair strands compatible with human body and CE certification are used. It is a suitable procedure for women and men. Candidates can choose any number of biofibres with desired features. There is considerable flexibility at this point.

This method has different risks in itself. Whether or not these risks will be seen at which level differs from person to person.

[vc_toggle title=”RISKS” color=”peacoc” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left|color:%2300a1c1″ custom_google_fonts=”font_family:Anton%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal” custom_css_animation=”fadeInDown” use_custom_heading=”true”]
  • Allergic reactions
  • After surgery, immune system attacks planted biofibres and different health problems occur.
  • If sebum generated on scalp is not cleaned regularly every month, infection risk increases.
  • Artificial hairs coming out as a result of scratching scalp
  • Severe migraine-type headaches after the operation
  • Weakening of blood circulation and related risks due to continuous re-implantation
  • As a result of implantation that has to be repeated, replacement of hair follicles with scar tissue and development of cicatricial alopecia
  • Damage in natural hair

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Synthetic Hair Transplant Cost

Cost of synthetic hair transplantation in Turkey varies depending on different factors. The factors that are effective at this point are:

  • Experience and expertise of surgeons
  • Number of grafts to be planted
  • Technique used
  • Clinic location where the surgery will be performed

This procedure, which emerged with technological development, is carried out in Turkey at affordable costs. The lack of information about the procedure and cost make people be uninterested in this method.

Compared to the USA, UK and EU member countries, cost of this process in Turkey is extremely affordable. The amount to be paid per graft varies between $1 and $1.5. Considering this mentioned figure, it can be said that it is 50-70% more affordable than the other countries listed.

If the surgeon to be preferred is a well-known and highly demanded name in this field, the costs may be slightly higher. Doctor and clinic factors are extremely effective in costs. Despite this, cost in Turkey is much more affordable compared to the USA and EU countries.

Number of Grafts Turkey United States United Kingdom Europe
2000 €2.000 – €3.000 $8.000 – $10.000 £6.000 – £8.000 €7.000 – €9.000
3000 €3.000 – €4.500 $12.000 – $15.000 £10.000 – £12.000 €10.000 – €12.000
4000 €4.000 – €6.000 $18.000 – $20.000 £15.000 – £18.000 €13.000 – €16.000

Difference Between Synthetic Hair Transplant And FUE & DHI

In techniques such as FUE and DHI, the grafts taken from donor area are transferred to bald area. Although these transplanted grafts are completely come off at the beginning, they are permanently removed after a while. With your own natural hair, baldness problem is solved in this way. The result is not different from natural hair.

Biofibre hair implant is a process in which artificial hair is transferred to scalp. Since these are artificial, they cannot stretch, they do not change color. The result is seen immediately and the recovery period is not expected to be completed. This method has been developed for those who do not have enough grafts in donor area and those who have too many bald areas. It is generally preferred after the number of grafts required for methods such as FUE and DHI is not in donor area.

Hair Transplantation Synthetic Hair Transplantation
Time for Best Results 6 – 12 months Immediate
Permanent Yes No
Recovery Time 7 – 10 days No
Maintenance No Yes
Back to Office 1 -2 days Immediate
Average Cost $2.000 – $3.000 $4.000 – $5.000
Natural Hair Yes No


Synthetic hair implant is a method developed for those who do not have enough grafts in donor area. However, it should not be forgotten that it does not give a permanent result and that some of it may need to be renewed in certain time period. The risks are slightly higher than traditional methods.

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We should say that if there are enough grafts in your donor area, your first choice should always be the techniques such as FUE and DHI. Cosmeticium, where these techniques are applied successfully, will meet your expectations at the highest level at this point. You can contact us immediately for more detailed information about the subject.


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