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Thinning due to hair loss or formation of bald areas on scalp brings hair transplant first to mind. With hair transplant, not only hair becomes denser but also bald areas can be covered. Hair transplant is a procedure of which success rate is very high. Yet, it shouldn’t be forgotten that individual factors and hair quality have crucial importance at this point. Hair transplant for blond hair can also be evaluated in this context.

Blond hair has its own characteristic structure. Therefore, it is a known fact that there are some concerns about hair transplant to restore blond hair. Well, is this the case? Does hair transplant for blond hair require a different procedure? Is there any difference compared to the standard procedure? All are in our article.


Is Hair Transplant Possible for Blond Hair?

There are different factors affecting if hair transplant is possible or not. Hair health, hair quality and reasons behind hair loss are on top of this list. Therefore, it can be said that hair color is not on top of our list of factors. So, hair transplant can be done to restore blond hair.

With hair analysis to be done before hair transplant, you can get information about how much the procedure will be successful. It can even be said that this analysis will give you an idea about how your hair will be in the future.

For hair transplant to be done, some fundamental prerequisites must be met. Scalp having good overall health and no excess hair loss are among these prerequisites. Yet, except these, it should not be forgotten that the primary necessity is having sufficient amount of grafts in your donor area. Before hair transplant for blond hair, it is checked before if donor area has sufficient amount of grafts or not.

What Are The Features of Blond Hair?

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What Are The Features of Blond Hair?

Depending on hair color, hair density may vary. People with blond hair have around 150.000 hair strands. In this case, it can be stated that people with blond hair also have the densest hair.

Blond hair strands are thinner than dark hair strands. People with dark hair have thicker hair strands but lower hair density compared to blond people. Therefore, people with blond hair have more grafts in donor area than others. Except these, blond hair has very low amount of color pigment.


Why Is Hair Transplant Advantageous for Blond Hair?

Denser hair makes hair transplant to restore blond hair more advantageous. Except this, blond hair has less color pigment. Therefore, it makes visual contrast difference between hair and scalp to be less. This situation makes the result of hair transplant look more aesthetic and natural.

Lower contrast difference between hair strands and scalp makes it more difficult to realize bald area. This situation is directly linked with the naturalness and aesthetics of the final result after hair transplant.

Being curly or wavy, blond hair is more suitable for hair transplant. Because the volume occupied by curly hair or wavy hair is higher. This way, it is easier to hide scalp and obtain denser hair.

Hair transplant is the most effective and permanent solution for hair loss, just like it is for dark hair. With hair analysis that can be done at a clinic, you can understand if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant or not.

Hair Transplant for Blond Hair

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Hair transplant for blond hair can be done flawlessly. Yet, at this point, it may be necessary to follow a different procedure compared to people with dark hair. Yes, there are some advantages of having low contrast difference between hair and hair transplant. But this contrast difference must be observed during hair transplant and hair must be planted in desired density and in desired angle.

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