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From the outside, the hair is considered as a whole. However, the situation changes when it comes to hair transplantation. There are different regions for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation of the front hairline and forehead are among the most important of these regions. The front hairline has a significant effect on our appearances. Therefore, this part should be adjusted correctly in hair transplantation. What is the front hairline and how is it measured? What is the average price range and what do you need to know? All of the answers are in our article.


What is Front Hairline?

Front hairline; is the line formed by the intersection of the hair and the forehead. The lower this line is, the smaller the forehead will be. Therefore, the front hairline is one of the characteristic features of the people and it has an important effect on the appearance. The location of the front line of the people is different and unique. In addition, the location of this line changes according to the person’s age and gender.

As the front hairline goes higher, the person begins to look older. Although they are young, some people have a receding hairline. Accordingly, such people look older than they are. The only way to fix this problem is hair transplantation.


How to Measure Front Hairline?

In order to understand how old a person is, first we look at their wrinkles and then we look at their receding forehead. Therefore, the front hairline is considered as one of the signs of old age. Where a person’s front hairline should be positioned is determined by special measurements. In these measurements, golden ratio and age factor are taken into consideration. Thus, the most accurate result is obtained.

The front hairline measurement is made only by specialists in the field. Firstly, the most accurate size of the forehead is determined. After this stage, the following points are taken into account for the measurement:

  • What kind of hair the person wants,
  • Age and gender of the person,
  • Head and face structure,
  • The efficiency of the donor area.

For the front hairline, by starting from the middle point of the two eyebrows it is measured 7 cm in the upper direction. The point that is reached is considered to be the start point of the front hairline. However, the measurement here is general, which means it may be possible to make measurements in different ways depending on the condition of the people.



Front Hairline Hair Transplantation Price

One of the most important issues in hair transplantation is the transplantation to the front hairline. Because the hair here, affects the appearance of the person. Mistakes can cause the person to have an unnatural appearance. This is an extremely negative situation.

Due to the reasons above, hair transplantation must be done by a specialist physician in the field. In addition, the most correct techniques should be used for hair transplantation, and then the necessary support should be given to the patient.

Front hairline hair transplantation price can be discussed after these points. However, it should not be forgotten that everyone has different features. Therefore, hair transplantation is a unique process for everyone. In this context, a fixed front hairline hair transplantation price is not possible.

There are different factors affecting the price in hair transplantation. The first one is the number of hair grafts to be transplanted. The more the number of grafts, the higher the amount to be paid.

If the hair transplantation is only on the front hairline, an average of 1500-2500 grafts will be needed. On average, it will cost from €1250 to €1750. Therefore, it is a more appropriate price when it is compared to other hair transplants. Because between 3500 and 5000 grafts are used in an average hair transplantation.

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These are the general details of the front hairline hair transplantation. Front hairline is one of the most important regions in hair transplantation. Even the angle of the grafts is of great importance in hair transplantation. After determining the location of this line with the measurements that are made, other hair strands should be examined. In addition, the photographs of the person before hair loss can be evaluated. Thanks to all of these factors, it will be possible to determine the right angle.

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