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Hair Transplantation Mexico vs Turkey, they are the two most preferred countries for hair transplantation in the world. Due to geographical proximity, it is logical to think that Americans prefer Mexico and European countries such as the United Kingdom prefer Turkey. However, it is more important to evaluate in terms of price and quality to understand which country is a better option. In the end, hair transplantation should be done in the best way as it will change your image to a great extent.

How much is hair transplant mexico vs turkey? Which one should be preferred for a high success rate and low cost? The full analysis is in our article.

Travel Costs

One of the important costs of hair transplantation surgery is flight. We can also include flight duration as this will take your time. If your time is very limited, you can choose the Mexican option. On the other hand, if you have time and want to have a good holiday along with the hair transplantation, the Turkey option is ideal for you.

Average Flight Cost & Time

Tijuana, MX Istanbul, TR
Cost Time Cost Time
London, UK $1100 21 hrs $200 4 hrs
New York, US $400 2 hrs 30 min $600 9 hrs

How Much is Hair Transplant Mexico vs Turkey?

The cost element of the operation is quite changeable. The reason is that the number of grafts that each patient needs is different. Therefore, it would not be right to give a single average price for every patient.

If the patient’s hairless area is not too large, an average of 2000 to 3000 grafts is sufficient. While the average cost in Mexico for 3000 graft hair transplantation is $6,000, it is around $3,000 in Turkey.

If there is more baldness or more frequent hair transplantation is desired, the number of grafts can be increased. In the table below, you can examine the average costs according to the number of grafts.

Number of Grafts Mexico Turkey
2000 $4000 $2000
3000 $6000 $3000
4000 $8000 $4000

To find out exactly how many grafts you need, you can contact our doctors for FREE by filling out the online consultation form.

Hair Transplantation Mexico vs Turkey: Which Country is Better?

Mexico and Turkey

Mexico and Turkey are two of the countries in the world that successfully apply the most widely used FUE hair transplantation method. They are also in a very good position in terms of health tourism. Therefore, if a good clinic is preferred; both countries are at a sufficient level in terms of hair transplantation quality.

On the other hand, Turkey is one step ahead when it comes to DHI, which is the latest and more advanced hair transplantation method. As this new method has been performed more in clinics located in Turkey, most doctors have become experts in this field.

Turkey Mexico
High Success Rate
Hair Transplant Cost X
Travel cost (for Europeans) X
Travel cost (for Americans) X
DHI Experience X
A Good Country to Visit
Fast Treatment Arrangement X
All-Inclusive Packages X
World-Class Medicine

Based on the fact that the costs in Turkey are also lower than in Mexico and other data, you should still make the best decision yourself.

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