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Hair care should be performed regularly so that hair and scalp can be cleaned and nourished. It is a known fact that hair care performed in the right frequency is the key to have healthy hair. Hair care frequency should not be too frequent or too rare. At this point, some questions pop up in minds. Should I perform hair care every day? What should be the frequency of hair care and what should be considered? All are in our article.


Should I Condition My Hair Every Day? 

Hair care with right frequency is the key to make your hair healthier. Washing your hair everyday with shampoo as hair care does not provide positive effects as you may think. On the contrary, it may harm your hair.

Scalp produces a substance called sebum in order to prevent hair to get dry and in order to nourish hair. Sebum is a substance that contain oil. When you wash your hair every day with shampoo, produced sebum is also washed away. Consequently, your scalp tries to produce more sebum and as a result, your hair gets oilier.

When you wash your hair with shampoo less frequently, your scalp reaches a balanced situation and produces correct amount of oil. Besides, it will provide other positive effects like making it easier to style your hair, decreasing hair loss and making your hair look better.

How Often Should I Condition My Hair as a Man?

However, if it is too less frequent, different problems occur. At this point, you can provide the best answer to questions “How often should I condition my hair?” or “How often should I use shampoo?”. You can adjust the frequency depending on how fast your hair gets oily. Despite it varies from person to person, washing hair every other day is the optimum.

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Prefer Warm Water During Rinsing

If you exercise every day or your days are tough, it may look like a bad idea to shampoo your hair every 2-3 days. If you think your hair gets dirty, instead of shampooing every day, you can rinse it with warm water.

Rinsing with warm water can help excess oil to be removed and help scalp get rid of dead skin. Yet, it ensures that sufficient amount of oil remains there. This way, your hair health is not affected badly. Additionally, rinsing with warm water makes it easier to style your hair. While thinking about the question “how often should I condition my hair?”, you should consider warm water option for sure.


What Is Used for Hair Conditioner?

When hair care is mentioned, the first thing that comes to minds is, for sure, shampoo. Shampoo products clean your hair and make it smell great. However, they also affect natural oil balance, which is necessary for hair health, in a bad way. Right at this point, hair conditioners come to the scene. Then, what are the benefits of hair conditioners? Let’s examine together:

  • It restores natural oil, which is important for hair and scalp.
  • This provides good results in restoring moisture, which was gone previously because of shampoo.
  • It prevents damages caused by air dryers and other styling products that use heat.
  • It covers hair follicles and hair with a protection layer all day.


Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Don’t Have to Be Used At The Same Time!

Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

It is though that shampoo and hair conditioner go hand in hand. This is partially correct. It is a fact that your hair needs both shampoo and hair conditioner. Yet, this situation does not require using both always at the same time. Hair conditioners offer moisturizing effects as well as protective effects that restore natural oil. Because of these effects, such products can be used every day. However, the same cannot be said for shampoo.

On the days you don’t wash your hair with shampoo, you can use hair conditioner products. It would be correct to limit it with 2-3 times a week.

It may take some time for you to find the answer to the question “How often should I condition my hair?”. However, when you find the correct rhythm, you will realize positive change in your hair and you will enjoy having healthier hair.

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Avoid These While Using Hair Conditioner!

Despite you pay attention to your hair care, you can make mistakes sometimes unwittingly. Some of such mistakes are really common and many people make such mistakes.

  • One of the most frequent mistakes is to apply hair conditioner to hair roots, generally made by people who don’t like straight hair.
  • Another important mistake is simply not being able to adjust the amount of hair conditioner. If you feel that your hair gets heavier when you dry it after applying hair conditioner, that means you used more than enough. Yet, if your hair still looks dry and rough, that means you used less than required. At this point, you can find the right amount by following advices.
  • Many people think that they waited enough time with hair conditioner on. Yet, many rinse early. Experts suggest that hair conditioner should be applied right after rinsing shampoo and while keeping it on, other bathroom routines should be followed. This way, there will be enough time for hair conditioner to show its effects.

 “How often should I condition my hair?” – Well, at this point, it is also important to apply hair conditioner correctly. Necessary care should be taken and experts’ suggestions should be taken into account.

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Hair care is an important thing for hair health. Performing it in correct frequency is important to obtain desired results. It is necessary to use shampoo and hair conditioner in the right way and in the right frequency. With these general principles mentioned here, you will have healthier hair.

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