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Since the plastic surgery industry has become popular, it has served millions of patients. Plastic surgery, which serves to correct a part of your body as you wish, can be considered very successful in meeting the expectations of people. But it should be noted that a significant part of the success here belongs to the surgeon. Therefore, attention should be paid when choosing a plastic surgeon. In the rest of our article, we will answer the question of how to find the right plastic surgeon to meet your needs.

How do you know if the surgeon is the right one for you? How do you find the most eligible doctor for your plastic surgery? What are the things to consider?


1. Pay Regards To Recommendations

The fact that plastic surgery has become very popular brings up the possibility that someone from your environment may have had this procedure performed before. It is very important that you seek advice from someone around family and friends who has already undergone a similar procedure. In these recommendations, you should question the general competence of the doctor, to what extent does the procedure meets expectations, communication with patients and other details. This means that choosing the doctor recommended directly is beside the point.

If the advice and comments you receive from your close circle of friends are positive, make sure to search the doctor on the internet. Have a look at the reviews about the doctor and visuals about the change in people who have had the procedure. This will give you a serious idea of the doctor’s quality and help you make a better decision on whether to choose the doctor or not.


2. Review the General Style and Approach of Your Surgeon

When choosing a surgeon, it is very important that you learn what your surgeon’s overall style is. Because plastic surgery is an extremely large area and some areas require extra expertise. For example; you want to undergo a procedure for your nose. For this, it is much more accurate to choose someone who is known for nose aesthetics and who has proven his/her quality. If a physician known for breast aesthetics is also an expert in nose aesthetics, it is not wrong to have him/her perform your nose surgery. The important thing is to make sure that you know enough about his/her experience in nose aesthetics.

Once you have identified your surgeon’s expertise, you should also learn about his/her general approach. To do so, make clear that you would like to review photos of previous patients. Evaluate the overall results. This makes it much easier to understand whether you’ve chosen the right surgeon for the operation or not.

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3. Gender Factor Matters

It is extremely important that you feel comfortable for the success of aesthetic procedures. If the gender of the doctor affects your comfort depending on the type of aesthetics to be performed, then you should also consider this.

The expectations of the male and female patients from the aesthetic procedures are different, as well as the regions on which they have these operations. The comfortable and unreserved explanation of the expectations about the procedure is decisive on the result.


4. Choose A High-Quality Clinic/Hospital

Although the choice of doctor is extremely important, it alone is never enough. But when you choose a doctor, you also choose your doctor’s hospital. Therefore, consider the clinics of the most prominent doctors in the selection process. Be sure to consider the necessary criteria for clinic selection.

The medical infrastructure of your preferred hospital should be modern. Thanks to state-of-the-art medical devices, your health risks are minimized, and aesthetic procedures are performed with better quality. It can be said that the physician working in a hospital where the most advanced methods are applied is more likely to give you what you want.


5. Take A Look At Patient Satisfaction Surveys

There is a risk that the comments you come across when you search your doctor and your hospital on the internet do not always show the facts. In other words, some comments on the internet may not be accurate! This is because comments are made by anyone with access to the Internet, not by real patients. Therefore, it is very important that you review the patient satisfaction surveys.

Patient satisfaction surveys are quite comprehensive and cover all the details of the hospital. You can also find comments from other patients about other issues that you want to know about your doctor. This gives you more accurate information about the general condition of the doctors and the hospital.

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6. Choose An Honest Doctor

A considerable number of patients who want to have aesthetics have unrealistic expectations before the procedure. The aesthetic surgeon has a very important role in bringing these expectations to a realistic level. If your doctor tells you what you want to hear, not the facts, the postoperative outcome can be a complete disappointment. But when the facts are told, you learn a realistic situation, even if it is not like your dreams. So you won’t have any disappointment.

At this point, the honesty of the doctor is extremely important. When you go to see a doctor, if you focus on the way he/she generally communicates with you and the way he/she answers the questions you ask, you can tell if he/she is honest. Remember that you should doubt the honesty of a doctor who gives a go-ahead to any difficult procedure you want to undergo.


7. Focus On the Doctor’s Experience

The biggest ads of plastic surgeons are their experiences. Their experience is reflected in their former patients, that is, the aesthetic operations they have performed in the past. If you have access to such details, you can easily get an idea of your doctor’s experience. However, if you cannot reach them exactly, you can request them from your doctor. If the doctor you prefer already trusts his/her experience, he/she will show you the details of the past operations that will meet your expectations before you ask.

You can also review your doctor’s experience through social media platforms and private health forums. If he/she is a truly experienced physician, you will be able to access such information on the internet without difficulty. But if you can’t get enough information on the internet, it doesn’t mean that your doctor is inexperienced! You should also consider this.



Above are some details about the selection of the plastic surgeon. After evaluating each of these details, consider all of them together. This will give you the right result.

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