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It is a well-known fact that women want to have a beautiful and attractive physical appearance. To achieve this, different cosmetic procedures have been developed, one of which is the butt lifting process. This process, also known as Brazilian butt lift surgery, is one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures in recent years. In other words, women have had a serious interest in this procedure recently and this interest is increasing every day.

Brazilian butt lifting can be summarized as injecting fat taken from different parts of the body into the hip. The removal of fats from different parts of the body eliminates a number of risks and ensures a natural result. The reason why this procedure, which has a high success rate, is so preferred is that women want to have fuller and more rounded hips. The result obtained at the end of the process is much smoother, more raised and fuller hips. In this way, both physical expectations of women are met and their self-confidence increases. Therefore, it can be said that Brazilian butt lift surgery has many benefits. You can find more details about them in the following section.

What are the main benefits of Brazilian butt lift surgery? This procedure gives positive effects on your body and psychology.


1. Reshapes Your Body

With the Brazilian butt lifting procedure, you can reshape your hips. This will result in a significant improvement in your body’s overall proportions. Thanks to the fats taken from your body, your hips will take exactly the shape that you imagine.

If you think there is a problem with your body lines and you are not satisfied with your hips, this procedure is for you. With this process, you can have your hips and waist shaped and have your dream hips.

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2. Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Provides Safer Surgery

One of the most reliable options in butt lifting procedures is Brazilian butt lifting. Women who want to have bigger, more rounded and fuller hips prefer different methods simply because they are cheaper. These methods do not fully meet the expectations and may cause different health problems.

Injections in the Brazilian butt lifting procedure minimize some risks and complications. In addition, you can not only enlarge your buttocks with this method, you can also give your hip the shape you want in a very comfortable way.

After procedures with implants or artificial fillers, patients feel stiffness in their hips. Because the hips are normally one of the softest points of the body, but it is very difficult to say that foreign substances added from the outside are of the same softness. This causes a distortion of the natural soft feeling in the hip. However, as the BBL procedure uses only body fat, this feeling is not lost and the naturalness of the hips is preserved in the same way.

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3. Get Rid of Fats in Other Parts of Your Body

There are different benefits of taking fat from other parts of your body for the BBL procedure. First of all, your hips will come to the desired size and re-shaping of the areas where fat is taken is also possible. These fats are generally taken from the abdomen, thighs and arms. So you can get rid of the excess skin and fat these regions.

The result of the BBL procedure is completely natural. Injecting the fat produced by your body into your hips means that no foreign matter can enter the body. In addition, the oils injected here adapt to the general condition of your body in situations such as weight loss and weight gain and do not allow the deterioration of the naturalness of the results. In this respect, it can be said to be extremely advantageous.


4. Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Gives Fast Results

With Brazilian Butt Lifting you can get results very quickly. You do not need to exercise for a long time or take different methods to get these results. After only 2-3 hours of operation, you can have the hips you dream of.


5. Your Clothes Suit You Much Better

Thanks to the round and full hips you will have after the Brazilian Butt Lifting procedure, you will look much more beautiful in your clothes. In particular, you will be able to see that some of the clothes now suit you even more. Thus, you will fascinate people around you more and ensure that all the attention is gathered on you.

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6. No Scar After Surgery

The incisions required for BBL are extremely small and there is no scarring after recovery. In other procedures, the incisions created may be apparent from the outside. In this respect, it can be said that the BBL procedure is extremely advantageous.

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7. Results Are Permanent

The results of the BBL procedure require a period of 6 months to be fully obvious. Sometimes it can take a little longer. But the exact results are permanent and the shape of your hips will not change unless there are huge changes in your body (such as losing or losing excess weight).


8. Your Cellulite Will Be Less Visible

After the BBL procedure, your hips will become tighter and fuller, resulting in much less cellulite. In addition, it is not wrong to say that similar effects will result from lifting your hips.

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9. You Will Achieve Natural Results with Brazilian Butt Lifting

There are different procedures for butt lifting. In methods other than BBL, either implants or artificial fillers are used. From the outside, it can be considered that these methods give the desired. However, in cases such as weight loss and weight gain, such methods may lead to unnatural consequences. In addition, the presence of a foreign substance in the body can cause different problems.



The aforementioned issues are the prominent benefits of the Brazilian Butt lifting procedure. Keep in mind that these procedures will improve your quality of life, increase your confidence and make you feel much better. However, for the results of this procedure to be positive, be sure to choose a clinic with a good surgeon and medical qualification. You will see that your expectations will be met at the highest level.

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