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The aesthetic sector has made great moves, especially in recent years, and new ones are being added every day. These new developments can only be explained by the rapid advancement of technology and the fact that this leads to very serious developments in the health sector. In addition to the classical aesthetic plastic surgery we know, many aesthetic procedures can now be performed without any surgical intervention.

These developments, which surpass some surgical interventions in the aesthetic sector, are frequently preferred because they do not require surgery and the recovery time is very short. Nowadays, there are aesthetic operations and procedures in every field you can think of. People now have the opportunity to change anybody areas or organs that they don’t like through aesthetic procedures.

We have compiled for you the aesthetic operations that are often preferred in recent years and new aesthetic procedures that do not require any surgery.


Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimples, although not many, are present in some people by birth. This may be a genetic predisposition, or some doctors describe it as muscles being too short. However, they create an aesthetically beautiful and sympathetic look. Dimples lose their sympathetic appearance if people become overweight and at later ages. They don’t look aesthetic like before. Some even disappear. The process of re-making these dimples falls into the field of aesthetic surgery. In addition, dimples are made not only on the cheeks but also on the hips if requested.



Jaw Sharpening and Reduction

The structure and appearance of the jaw is a condition that significantly affects the human’s facial expression, as in the nose. Conditions such as large or small jaws, protrusion of the jaw and jaws being a little behind are conditions that are described as medical anomalies. These jaws can be shaped by aesthetic surgery as desired and drawn to the required measurements. Ill-formed jaw structure is one of the important problems. Jaw disorders are not only aesthetically bad but also disturbing to the person. Problems such as eating problems, laughing problems are caused by impaired jaw structures.

This deformity is completely eliminated by jaw surgeries. With surgery, the jaw can be given the most appropriate natural appearance to the face’s structure. The fact that the jaw structure is smaller than normal also constitutes an anomaly. In this case, surgery can be performed in three different stages.

At the application stage of these surgeries, an incision is made in the jawbone by entering through the lower lip and the jaw end is fixed by pulling it forward.  In some cases, this is done by placing screws or plates. And in the second stage, the lower lip is pulled in with an incision made from the inner part or under the chin. The jaw prosthesis of the appropriate size is then placed on the jawbone. As a final step, the fat cells taken from the patient are injected back under the skin and the empty space there is filled by injecting these fat cells.

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Jaw Corner Implant

Jaw rasping is one of the operations in the field of jaw aesthetics. In case of operated jaws, if the jaw is long and wide, the jaw is rasped and reduced.  The procedure is easier when the length of the jaw is not too high. These operations are performed by entering through the mouth under general anesthesia. The patient should be carefully fed for a while after the surgery. He/she should consume juicy and soft foods. The recovery period is approximately one month. However, it is necessary to pay attention to eating and chewing during that month. The image is very aesthetic in newly made jaws. A different technique is used for the correction of the jaw tip. If necessary, a rasping is made to make the jaw stand out by either placing a filling material on the jaw tip or placing screws in the short ones.


Breast Aesthetics Without Silicone

Many people have knowledge or experience of breast augmentation surgery. It is one of the procedures that have been successfully performed for many years. Recently, a non-surgical treatment method such as silicone-free breast aesthetics has been developed. Silicone-free breast aesthetics is the process of enlarging the breast by injecting fat into the breast and applying fillers. It is a process performed in a short time without any silicone application. This procedure is performed by injecting fat cells from the patient’s own fat into the breast. It is a procedure performed in clinical conditions in as short as 40 minutes. The minimum period of use is 2 years. It can be said that this method is more temporary than classical breast augmentation surgery.

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Nose Enlargement

The nasal filling is a previously known and applied procedure. However, the nasal augmentation process added to the nasal filling is the process of enlarging the very small noses with the filling material and giving it an aesthetic look. Although rhinoplasty, which is a nasal reduction, is more widely known, this procedure is also often preferred by Asians who have small noses.


Eyelid Filler

The need for eyelid filling develops due to fat loss in the upper part of the eye as a result of aging. Eyelid filling is a procedure performed with very mild numbing of a limited area. A certain amount of filler is injected into the back of the bone above the eye. The results are visible when the procedure is completed.


Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics

Abdominal muscle aesthetics is the aesthetic image created by the removal of fat tissues in men and women. Since this body area is under the fat tissues, it does not give the aesthetically desired look. In such cases, the abdominal muscle aesthetics interfere with the fat in the abdominal region and this area can be given a muscular image.


Eyebrow Filling

One of the factors affecting the expression of the face is the structure and shape of the eyebrows. For the lifting of the eyebrows, Botox can be applied, and the eyebrows can be raised using filling materials. This is performed by applying the filling material to the eyelid and just under the eyebrow and shaping it. This procedure is one of the short-term procedures that can be performed in a very short time and without any anesthesia. And eyebrow transplantation procedure is similar to hair transplantation procedure. However, this procedure is performed in a shorter time than hair transplantation and by taking from people’s own hair. This technique is a permanent solution by shaping the eyebrow.

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Belly Button Correction

Belly button operation is a surgical operation performed by eliminating the bad image of the belly button and giving it a more aesthetic look. This procedure is usually performed with tummy tuck operations. However, it is of course also possible to eliminate the belly button defect alone.

It is a more preferred procedure in congenital outwardly projected bellies. Image distortion occurs with excessive weight gain. Belly button operation is performed under general anesthesia, but it is performed in a very short time. It is one of the permanent operations as long as there is no excess weight gain repeatedly.

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